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Wall Insulation in three steps

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Wall Insulation
Insulation of basement with fiberglass of house with insulation material

Understanding the need for wall insulation in homes.

With time, my home kept getting colder and colder. I could not fathom the source of the cold, but I knew I had to ask for help. My thermostat was working ok, and that caused me to raise some brows. It was not until I called in a group of experts that I got to understand the concept of wall insulation. It may be for the internal, external, or cavity wall, but all necessary to help you keep warm and more comfortable. Since it was my first time hearing about it and how effective it is, I was intrigued to ask more and learn more from the guys who were assessing my home. From the interaction, you could tell they knew what they were talking about. They answered each question I asked carefully and keenly to ensure that I got the concept.

So, if you are out there cold in your own home, why not try out the wall insulation, and you might turn your life around. From my interaction with the experts, I came out with some useful info about wall insulation. This includes:

  • How to insulate an existing wall

    Rolled Batts
    Fiber thermal insulation for houses and facades textured background
  • Cost of wall insulation
  • Different wall insulation techniques

The padding of an existing fence

Any insulation needs caution; therefore, it is essential to seek a reliable solution before starting the application. Insulating an existing wall covers three options mainly. This includes interior wall insulation, cavity wall insulation, and external wall insulation. Also, it is essential to look out for any possibility of mold growth. Take care to avoid causing mold problems or thermal bridges that come along with barrier interruption due to poor insulation. Ensure the bond between the wall and the insulating material is correct and the walls completely sealed to avoid in seeping moisture.

How much does wall insulation cost?

Generally, the method and technique used in insulating an existing wall is the greatest determiner of whatever price it costs. The material one chooses for the insulation is also a factor in determining how much you pay for the process. For instance, external wall insulation is always higher than the interior wall insulation. For example, while the outer wall insulation with wood costs around 200£ per m2, the interior will cost around 120£ per m2 and the cavity insulation around 65£ per m2.

Insulation techniques

For external insulation

When it comes to wall insulation, the method used varies from one person to another. However, to make a sound choice, you will need all the information you can get. This includes the various methods of insulation for your home. These include:

Brick cladding

When insulating using bricks, you need an exterior wood panel installed. The board is to hold the blocks in place as you place them. When using the bricks, you mustn’t leave any airspaces between the bricks. However, you can if you are using a water repellent material in the place of the wood fiber.

Wood paneling finish

Ductwork insulation
Attic air sealing

In this method, you fit in insulating material into the wall, then finish it up using a wood panel. Then, the panel is fixed into laths to leave an air space for the insulation.

Roughcast finish

Once you finish up your wall, insulating wood fiber is placed directly over it. After that, you apply roughcast over the panel that comes with the trellis and render coat.

For internal insulation

Wood finish

This is mainly during construction or after. You use an insulation layer, which could be flax, cellulose, or even hemp to fit into the inside wall. Subsequently, you cover the material with a wood panel, after which you can choose to add natural or reinforced plasterboard.

Plastered wood fiberboards

This is a simple wall insulation technique where you fit wood panels on your walls and eventually plaster them. These panels also come in eco-friendly materials, hence are not only suitable for your home, but also the environment.

For cavity wall insulation

For cavity walls, an insulation material is filled into the wall through holes made in the joints. However simple it seems, you need to ensure that your walls are bright and clean before proceeding. To be sure of your work, hiring a professional will help check on the walls and give the go-ahead for the job.

Wall insulation is a simple task that you can easily do on your own. However, to get long-lasting results, it is essential that you have a professional as part of your team. For the best wall insulation, take your time to discern how best to choose one and which one is the best for your home.

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