Thermal Leak Inspection

Thermal Leak Inspection in three steps

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Thermal Leak Inspection
thermal imaging camera inspection of living room in apartment for temperature loss checking

How to go about thermal leak inspection and inspection.

I run quite a sizeable company dealing with the manufacture of pharmaceutical drugs. Since we have an enclosed space, I had to invest heftily in the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. You do not want people exposed to drugs for a long time. Besides the interest of the people, the medicine requires a specific ambient temperature so as not to harden or freeze up. That is why the heating unit is in every room, from the mixing to packaging. However, lately, I have been paying high electricity bills, and yet having problems with the heating systems. Despite checking and resetting the thermostat, I still cannot set the temperature to the recommended one. That is when I decided to call in an expert for a thermal leak inspection in my HVAC unit.

From experience, I learned quite a lot; these include:

Attic Thermo Service
Attic Thermo Service
  • What is thermal leak inspection?
  • Reasons for thermal leaks
  • What technology can you use to achieve this?
  • Advantages of the DCAM

To start, it is essential we understand the concept of thermal leakage;

What is thermal leakage?

Thermal leakage can be defined to be the amount of heat transferred to a body or its contents under normal environmental conditions. That means that to inspect the thermal leaks, you need to understand the heat flow in your system. Whenever you are checking for heat leakage, there should be no forced airflow in your ducts.

Reasons for thermal leakage

Ductworks and pipes supplying air into your rooms tend to be durable and quite long-lasting. However, if your hot air is humid, as it travels to different sections of the building, there is bound to be corrosion. Therefore, the pipes will weaken and eventually start leaking hot air from your ducts. Another reason for thermal leakage is the age of the pipes. HVAC units stay in place with no issue for 15 years. After that, you may start experiencing troubles heating your rooms to the required temperature. Then, it is time you checked for thermal leaks. Additionally, fittings are one of the other reason for thermal leakage, most notably the control valves, pig traps, receivers, meters, and measuring gauges. For any reason you need a thermal leak inspection, do not hesitate to call in a professional.

What technology can you use for thermal leak inspection

Other than the thermal leak detectors, there are now better and more efficient ways to detect a thermal leak in your pipework. One of these ways is the use of a smart camera solution. The camera has its core operation based on FLIR thermal imaging technology. Despite leaks starting small, there is a high chance that they will eventually develop to big problems if not taken care of. That is why it is essential to have the means to check the leaks before they advance to hectic issues. To help you in doing so is the dual camera analytic module, (DCAM).

DCAM specifications

attic clean up
attic clean up

The thermal leak inspection camera has a thermal leak technology with proprietary leak analysis algorithms. Also, it has wireless connectivity, which allows for remote operation of the device. With its automatic climate control unit, it has better control of the measurement areas. The DCAM produces high-quality thermal images of up to 640*512 resolution. This means that you can use a wide range of lenses and get the ability to discern the absolute temperatures and information for use in the analysis. Additionally, the DCAM can operate in all weather conditions and temperature of up to 60 degrees. Besides that, the camera can visualize small temperature differences, hence better control of the measurement.

Advantages of the smart thermal leak inspection

When it comes to inspection of thermal leaks, there might be a problem with using manual labor. This is because they are not so responsive to ambient temperatures and would find it hard to detect a small leak in your ductwork. Therefore, there is the need to employ better, more sensitive, and accurate measurement tools if we are to curb the problem at its early stages. That is where the DCAM comes in. It has several advantages, which include the elimination of intensive human labor tasks. This way, you do not have to employ a myriad of people to check on the leaks. Also, with the thermal leak inspection camera, there is minimal disruption and damage to your ducts. Finally, since the inspection is based on airflow patterns, you reduce on response time, save a lot of money and get more accurate results.

This technology is the best to use when you need to find the problem before it develops to an overbearing catastrophe. Use it and am sure with the right professional help, you will not be disappointed.

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