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Roof and Air Duct Cleaning in three steps

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How to go about air duct cleaning.

The air in my house was starting to become heavier and heavier and I could not tell the reason behind it.

During hot days, the temperatures rose to a point I could not bear them and when it became cold, the situation was not any different.

I thought that the air conditioning system was faulty.

I decided to call a professional to have a look at it.

After a thorough inspection, the professional concluded that every part of the system was functioning correctly.

He suggested that cleaning of the air ducts could solve the problem.

I was hesitant at first and only thought he was unprofessional and that it was an excuse he thought of after being unable to assess the problem.

The following day, he came with his colleague and cleaned the entire system.

I could not believe that all the dirt I saw was in the air duct.

The results were magic. I was able to enjoy clean and fresh all over again.

Regular cleaning of the air ducts is vital.

It keeps you away from diseases caused by living in dusty area and mold accumulated in the duct.

Also, it helps to keep your air conditioning bills low.

You can clean the air duct on your won or call a professional when you need it thoroughly done.

A few materials and a simple cleaning process will leave your air duct sparkling.

Materials required for DIY air duct cleaning

  • Furnace filter.
  • Vaccum
  • Brush
  • screwdriver
  • Paper towels

This will be very useful when you are concluding the task.

Choose the best furnace filter for the best results.

Vacuum. A simple household vacuum attached with a hose is perfect.

If you find a heavy-duty vacuum, it works better.

A paintbrush or a toilet brush is enough to get the stubborn dirt out.

Screwdriver. You might come across some loose nuts that need fastening.

A screwdriver can do.

Paper towels This will cover all supply air registers and items in the house to keep them away from dust.

Air duct cleaning process

Covering all the supply registers with a paper towel.

This ensures that the dislodged dust will not drift into the rooms as you work on the air ducts.

Then, you turn on the fan.

You turn on the fan to ensure that the dust is moving along with that you are dislodging with your brush.

Turn down the heat/cool mode.

If your fan has no thermostat, keep the heat running or install a new thermostat.

Next, check the furnace filter and make sure that it is in place to ensure that the dust you are dislodging does not move into the fan motor.

Loosen the dust in the duct.

Loosen any buildup dust in the ducts.

To do this, use the handle of your brush to tap on the accessible ductwork in the basement.

This will break and dampen dust stuck in the ducts.

Then, clean the supply registers.

Ensure that the vacuum is on the hose is at the mouth of the supply register before lifting the register.

The hose should catch all the dust pushed.

Continue to sweep as far into the register piping as you can and loosen any dust that remained stuck.

Remove all the paper towels and do this to all the supply registers.

Clean return air registers.

Sweep the return air registers.

These often have fastened screws and the screwdriver should enable you to loosen them.

The next step should be to turn off the fan and the furnace and then clean out the blower compartment and the return air boot.

Remove the panels at the front of the furnace which will give you access to the lower chamber and the return air boot.

This is the part that harbors the most significant dust.

Conclude by cleaning the furnace fan.

Lastly, replace the furnace filter.

This ensures that there is very little or no dust will enter your house.

Also, it gives the blower motor a longer lifespan.

This is because a dusty and dirty filter restricts sufficient airflow to the fan.

This results in a hotter blower motor, which consequently reduces its life.

Roof cleaning

Cleaning your roof is essential and will help to prolong the life of your roof.

Cleaning your roof helps to keep away algae, moss, lichen, or debris that traps moisture.

This moisture than goes on to destroy the roof shingles and other essential parts of the roof.

Roof cleaning involves sweeping the dirt and time to time pressure washing the roof to get out any stubborn debris.

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