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Rolled Batts
Fiber thermal insulation for houses

Choosing the best material for rolled batts insulation.

The insulation in any home is critical. Not only do you need to find out a lot about the whole process, but also about the professionals. What do they do, and how do they do it? Well, I was in the same boat just a few months ago. I realized that the temperatures in my house were dropping so low, that the AC had issues boosting them.  At first, I thought my thermostat was malfunctioning until an expert confirmed that my problem was not the AC, but the insulation. I had to ask them for help on how to curb the issue. That is when they suggested the rolled batts as a means of insulation. At first, I was surprised but then got to find out a little more about the batts.

But first:

Ductwork insulation
Attic air sealing
  • what is the importance of insulation?
  • What is the R-value about insulation?
  • What are different types of rolled batts insulation materials?

Importance of insulation

Insulation is a crucial thing to do in a house. Without these insulation temperatures in the home will not be consistent or anywhere near desired. If you are using an artificial air conditioner, you alter the heat to warm during the winter and cold during the summer. As a result, this machine has to use a lot of energy to compensate lack of good or any insulation in the attic or wall cavities. This results in huge power avoidable power bills. Besides, it not only helps in maintain temperatures within the house, but it also helps in controlling noise pollution. This prompts the question of how to identify or how do you know that insulation is good? This is through the help of the R-value.

What is the R-value concerning installation?

R-value is the measure of how resistive material is to conduct heat across it, also referred to as thermal resistance. Proper installation of this insulation is paramount to improving the R-value of insulating material. You should always check to see that in places where some building parts penetrate the insulation there is a tight fit. This goes a long way in ensuring there is no leak. Batt thickness is also paramount and goes a long way to improving the insulation properties. When installing, always check to see that there are no gaps between the batts and the frame.

Types of rolled batts insulation materials;


Rooled batts insulation
using rolled batts for insulation in a home attic.

His is a popular method of insulation for many homeowners. It is not only relatively inexpensive to install, but also it qualifies as a do it yourself project. However, if you are not sure or you are not confident in your abilities, it is wise to call in the experts to do it for you. This type of insulation comes in the form of batts, which is fiberglass insulation. The padding is precut and installed in pieces and roll. Being like the batt, the only difference is that turns are more extended and more substantial.

Batt comes in the standard spacing of the walls an attic trusses. When it comes to the use of rolls, they can be custom cut to the desired length and trimmed to make a perfect fit. The thickness of the insulating material affects not only the R-value but also the cost of the material. The thicker the material, the higher the R-value, and consequently, the higher the price. The R-value of your insulation needs to conform to the local fire codes

 Concrete block insulation

This is another type of insulation for the concrete blocks. The best approach of insulating concrete block to obtain maximum efficiency is to do it by covering the interior or exterior part. However, the outer port is more advantages in comparison to placing insulation on the interior. The manufacturer offers a variety of ways for concrete block insulation. Some concrete blocks come with built-in insulating material.

You must insulate your home for comfortable living conditions. There are many ways to achieve this: one of them being the rolled batts method. With the help of a professional, you can get your home to the way you like it. Do not settle for the unconducive environment because you lack information. Call an expert today and start your journey of comfort.

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