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Attic Cleaning in Woodside, CA.

Attic leaning should be carried annually to ensure there are no rodents in your home.

A customer called us requesting for our attic cleaning services.

In the call, the customer expressed her concern about the attic cleaning.

“I hear some funny sound coming from the attic; I cannot tell what’s happening on my attic,” he claimed.

“More so there is an unpleasant smell coming from the attic, what might be the problem, are you in a position to help” he added.

We would be able to help, and from the call, we were able to tell that there were rodents in the attic.

When the attic is lest unclean for a long time, the rodents invade the space.

The unpleasant smell must be coming from the rodent’s droppings.

But what are the benefits of cleaning the attic? Here is why;

  • To remove rodents

    Attic Crawl Space
    Inside gable and joist view of ongoing project, insulation of attic with fiberglass cold barrier and reflective heat barrier between the attic joists
  • To remove mold and fungus
  • For quality air in the room
  • Eliminate dirt and dust
  • Replace contaminated insulation

Crawl space cleaning services.

The status in your attic plays a significant role in ensuring that there is a clean airflow in your room.

Many homeowners don’t understand this and neglect the cleaning of the attic.

When the attic is not cleaned and disinfected, you might find your family members developing allergic reaction and lung disease.

Unclean attic means that there is contaminated airflow and thus put your family at health risk.

But what contaminates the airflow from the attic?

When the attic is not cleaned, rodents, bats and other wildlife can make it their home.

Mold and fungus will also grow due to the damp conditions.

The rodents and wildlife will drop their wastes on the attic floor.

When the air collects the bacteria and virus on the dropping and from the fungus, it makes the airflow to have a high level of contamination.

To avoid all this, a Woodside cleaning company will help to clean the attic.

Crawl space insulation

why should you choose Spray foam insulation?
A room at a newly constructed home is sprayed with liquid insulating foam before the drywall is added. Ideal for new home construction advertising and other home construction promotional inferences.

Crawl space insulation, like any other insulation practice, helps to keep your home energy efficient.

It helps to cover spaces and gaps that allow air in and out of a building. Crawl spaces are in two types.

They are either ventilated or unventilated, and there is a different way to go about each when insulating.

When dealing with a ventilated crawl space, you install the fiberglass insulation between the floor joists, which is usually under the subfloor.

Cover it with a vapor barrier to keep away moisture and mold. When the crawl space is unventilated, insulate its walls rather than the subfloor.

Only a little insulation is necessary to complete the job. With this insulation, there is no need to cover the ducts and pipes

Rodent control

Partially eaten fruits and grains, unusual droppings around your house, burrows on the ground, especially near sewer lines and gnawing on plastic and rubber objects, are some of the signs that there are rodents in your place.

Rodents are annoying and very destructive. Some cause diseases and, therefore, the need to eradicate them as soon as we see signs of them in our homes.

Rodents like to stay in unlit places, mostly in overlapping roofs, in undone attic vents, spaces between the roof, and the vent pipes, among other sites.

Rodents thrive well in some places more than others due to three reasons.

They are the presence of food, water, and a place to hide.

This, therefore, forms the foundation of getting rid of these nuisance creatures

Steps to control rodents

Eliminate food and water

This is the first step to controlling rodents.

Getting rid of any food around your house or storing it properly.

It could be grains to give to your birds, harvested fruits, and food leftovers.

Always ensure that you store them in well-sealed containers.

Also, ensure that you keep your trash cans covered as they could also be sources of food.

Repairing any damaged piping and faucets and draining any stagnant water will deprive them of water.

Destroy the rodent

does Spray foam insulation affective?
A room at a newly constructed home is sprayed with liquid insulating foam before the drywall is added. Ideal for new home construction advertising and other home construction promotional inferences.

The next thing is to eliminate the rodent.

There are various ways to get this done.

If the rats are inside the building, place traps in areas they like to go and in their hiding places.

Traps can be hazardous in environments where there are kids.

Thus, ensure you put them in places they cannot reach.

Poisoning is another way to catch a rodent.

However, this is not the method to go for when the rats are inside your house unless you are ready to cope with a dead animal smell that will produce.

Also, apart from the dead animal smell, the fur and other dirt they leave behind will make your house lack fresh air in the long run.

Eliminate their shelter

Getting rid of the shelter where these rodents harbor is the next thing to do.

You can achieve this by closing all openings that are larger than 1/4 inch as they can allow rats and mice to pass through.

Also, repair or replace damaged vents.

Trim bushes and other vegetation around your home.

Maintain the rodent-free property

Once you have eradicated the rodents and destroyed their hiding places, ensure that you maintain practices that will continue to keep them from your premises.

Insulation replacement and maintenance

Insulation frameworks, like all mechanical frameworks, require occasional assessment and upkeep.

Whereas review and support are the duty of the proprietor, the reality is that numerous separator frameworks are regularly overlooked.

With time, insulation systems can be harmed, and on the off chance that they are not repaired or supplanted, they can end up ineffectual.

Insulation companies can play a crucial part in encouraging standard assessment and support programs to anticipate this result.

Failure to carry out assessments and actualize opportune support arrange carries several dangers.

On hot frameworks, damaged insulation comes about in expanded warm misfortune, which many interpret to critical financial setbacks over time.

For open-air structures, harmed or lost climate obstructions can permit water section, which can compromise the adequacy of the separator framework.

On the off chance that an assessment uncovers lost or harmed cover, repairs ought to be planned as before long as conceivable.

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