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Insulation installation, removal, and replacement.

Heating the room can be very challenging and costly in a house which is not insulated.

When the house is heated, all the heat will be lost through the roof, wall, and the outside wall.

When the winter is approaching, you will need to insulate your home to enjoy all the benefits come with the home insulation.

One of the benefit is that you will save more money on the electricity bill.

When you are using the HVAC to control the temperatures in your home, if the house is insulated, less energy will be used.

It is reported that homes which are well-insulated pay almost half of the electricity bill compare to uninsulated home.

Insulation extends the lifespan of your HVAC system.

Insulated home means that the HVAC does not overwork to heat the room, and thus it will last longer.

It is easy to overlook the cavities in the walls and in your attics.

They seem small, but the impact they have on the quality of air in your home is massive.

If you are looking for a way to stabilize your energy bills, insulating your walls and attic is a great wat to start.

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Attic insulation

When looking for places where the air is leaking in and out of your home, you should probably start with the attic.

When an attic is not adequately insulated, the vents and other cavities can allow air in and out of your home quickly.

When insulating your attic, you need to consider the R-value of the insulation material.

R-value is the measure of how much heat the material can resists.

The higher the R-value, the more efficient the material.

There are several insulation techniques you can choose to use.

There are the batt and roll insulation, which works best in an attic with minimal obstructions and an attic with a headroom.

Also, you go decide to go for loose-fill insulation.

This can work efficiently won an attic with a tight space and attics with obstructions.

For loose-fill, you will need a machine to install it.

Wall insulation

Fiberglass insulation is the cheapest and easiest way to make your home more energy-efficient.

Besides, it needs already available tools to install it.

A knife and straightedge are all you need to complete the task, and of course, to give it a little time to ensure the material covers the entire areas appropriately.

When installing it, always use batts that have a regular shape and measurement so that they fit between the cavities perfectly.

Since fiberglass is easy to cut, it works effectively with walls with irregular stud spacing.

All you need is to cut and trim it to shapes that fit the space we are working with.

Blown-in insulation

Blown-in insulation is the perfect insulation method for your walls and attics.

Attics leak in air and out of your house, which can cause extreme temperatures in your home.

This is a problem that blown-in insulation can fix.

Here are some steps to follow when installing blown-in insulation in your attics.

Seal all air leaks

Should I use Spary foam insulation
A room at a newly constructed home is sprayed with liquid insulating foam

Sealing air leaks should be the first thing you do before starting to apply the insulation.

If there is an already existing insulation, pull it back and use expanding spray foam to seal the cavities present.

Put more emphasis on areas around the plumbing pipes, ceiling perforations, and holes where the electrical wires pass through.

Repair vent chutes

Install or repair the vent chute.

Vent chutes help to allow free movement of air to the eaves, which helps to keep away moisture in winters and excess heat during summer.

Without them, the R-value of the insulation material is reduced.

Ensure the chutes are not blocked.

To verify this, you can look through the dark side of the attic and see whether light moves efficiently.

If there is a place light is filtered, ensure to repair or unblock the vent chutes.

Insulate the access doors

For this, sue a pillow of fiberglass to cover the attic hatch.

Cut a slightly larger fiberglass than the hatch, and cover the hatch with it.

Use staple duct tape to hold the fiberglass into place.

To make sure that the insulation will not fall on the attic, make a dam around the hatch and then seal the attic access tightly.

To seal the hatch door, you can do it while inside the attic or do it on the outside.

Mark the insulation levels

From the drywall, mark the desired insulation level.

Use a permanent marker to do this so that you know the complete coverage.

The attic can get dusty, making it hard to know how deep you are in the attic.

The markings on the roof trusses will help you know whether you are within the perimeter.

Set up the blower

Top Spray foam insulation contractor
Master knife cuts off excess foam. Installation of doors using polyurethane foam mounting. Cylinder Foam.

The next thing is to fill the blower with the cellulose.

Ensure that the hopper’s hose is not clogged.

This will slow down the work.

When blowing the insulation material, you can always adjust the hopper if the cellulose comes out too fast or too slow.

To make the work efficient, this part of the process requires two partners.

One who will be filling the machine with the cellulose while the other one operates within the attic.

This will help to perform the job in the least time.

Attic clean-up services in San Ramon

For those who never knew, the attic can be a useful room where you can store your things.

There are tools, boxes, equipment that you do not use frequently; all this can be stored in the attic.

But before storing them, you will need to ensure that the area is clean and there are no pest and rodents.

If you are not sure of how to check for rodents, consider looking on the attic floor.

When you get to the attic, all the rodent will go to the hideout.

Check for dropping on the floor. If you suspect any sign of dropping or you smell ammonia odor know that there are rodents.

What you need is to call an attic cleaning services in San Ramon to help you with the cleaning.

The cleaning company will help you to eradicate all the rodent and avoid them coming in the attic again.

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