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Insulation removal in San Rafael, CA.

When it comes to home insulation, you will need to choose the best material for your insulation.

The material that you choose will play a big role in reducing heat loss.

When choosing any material, you will need to know all the codes that regulate the insulation material.

You will then factor the consideration which includes, conductivity, water and fireproof and your budget.

When you are choosing the material, you will first need to consider the budget.

You do not have to break the bank when you have cheaper options.

You will then need to consider the material conductivity.

Choose the material that has the lowest thermal conductivity.

It means since it has a low thermal conductivity, it will resist heat, thus help in reducing heat loss.

You will need to choose a material which is both fireproof and waterproof.

Residential attic insulation
Thermal insulation of a house roof

Are you having trouble regulating temperatures in your home?

Have you inspected your HVAC system and established that it is not the case of the problem?

Maybe, the problem lies in your attic, walls, and crawl space.

With holes in the attic vents and walls, the air is likely to leak in and out of your home, making the environment uncomfortable to live in.

Attic insulation services

When you decide to insulate your attic, it is good if you first observed the condition of your attic.

This will help you to choose the right insulation method to use.

There are several insulation methods you can use.

For lofts with less space and obstructions, loose fill is the best insulation method to go for.

If you are working on an attic with numerous space, then you can use the batt and roll insulation.

There is also spray foam insulation.

This is less prominent in residences since it is expensive.

However, its R-value is high, and its services are the best compared to the other two.

To use spray foam insulation, you have to know whether your attic is close-celled or open-celled.

If you do not know the insulation to go for, you always have the choice of contacting a professional for help.

Professional wall insulation services

Fiberglass is the insulation method that many people go with to insulate their walls.

If you choose this method, then here are some steps to follow during installation.

Cut to width

Top Spray foam insulation contractor
Master knife cuts off excess foam. Installation of doors using polyurethane foam mounting. Cylinder Foam.

If you are working with narrow stub bays, the batts will need some trimming in their width.

To do this, lay the batt at the cavity being sealed.

Line up the edge with the face of the stud bay.

Press the batt with your knee and run a knife along the batt to trim the batt.

Trim the length

Place the insulation material in the cavity.

The trimmed batts should not be tightly compressed against the studs.

This will reduce the insulation’s R-value.

Fit the bat accurately in the cavity and let the insulation run along.

This will help to determine the length of the batt and insulation required.

Holding against the bottom plate of the wall framing, you can cut the additional length with your knife.

Deal with obstructions if any

Walls cannot be 100% regular. There are going to be gaps remaining even after installing the insulation.

Ensure to fill all these gaps with the insulation material.

If there are of wires, electrical boxes outlet and supply pipes, install the insulation behind the pipes to prevent freezing.

Add a vapor barrier

Conclude the process by adding a vapor barrier on the insulation.

Add it to the insulation’s inside face to prevent condensation, which reduces the R-value efficiency.

It also prevents the growth of mold.

Air sealing

Walls, crawl spaces, attics, and other parts of your home have holes that leak in and out air.

These holes can be difficult to notice since they are not areas we visit more often, that I why it is essential to call a professional to check your attic and walls and have them air sealed.

Air sealing helps to prevent heated or cooled air from escaping from your home to the outside.

While there are areas around the attic, you can seal on your own. Some places will require a pro to reach.

An expert can tell whether your attic has enough insulation. If not, they can take the right measures.

Do not let holes in the attic or walls be the reason you pay high energy bills when an adequate air sealing could be the solution.

Crawl space insulation

Spray Foam Insulation
A room at a newly constructed home is sprayed with liquid insulating foam

Extremely cold floors during winters are an indication of under-insulated crawl spaces.

It will be uncomfortable to walk barefoot during this season.

Uninsulated crawl space will let in moisture and air to the basement.

Thus, when the humidity accumulates over a long time, mold will start to form.

This will leak foul air into your house.

Therefore, if you realize musty odor from below your home, it is also a sign that you need to insulate your crawl space.

A lot of people get stuck on choosing the right insulation for their crawl space.

should I use foam or fiberglass insulation?

In the past, crawl space insulation involved installing fiberglass batt and roll insulation between the exposed joists.

People used fiberglass because it is cheap and readily available.

However, it tends to absorb moisture, mold, and will fall out of place with time.

This makes spray foam insulation a better choice as it will not absorb moisture and will not allow mold to grow.

Attic clean-up services in San Rafael

We say that air flows upwards and thus feel that we do not need to consider cleaning the attic.

That is not always true because if your attic has a bad smell, it will automatically be felt.

When you need clean air, you will need to clean the attic.

Cleaning the attics have more benefits than just providing clean air in your home.

When the mold affects the attic, they make the attic floor to be a week.

If left unattended for long, it can even lead house collapsing.

When you hire a cleaning company to handle the cleaning, you need to ensure that they are certified.

The team will then clean the attic and remove all the mold and mildew.

If there are rodents in the area, the team will also address that concern.

After the cleaning and disinfecting the attic consider insulating as it helps to prevent mold.

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