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Cavity wall insulation

Numerous depression dividers can be protected by infusing cover fabric into the depression from the exterior.

A pro company will penetrate gaps within the exterior dividers, introduce insulation through the gaps and after that seal them with cement.

The separator materials are as a rule either mineral fleece or polystyrene dots, but polyurethane foam may some of the time be utilized instead.

To protect your depth dividers, the installer drills little gaps around 22mm in the measure at interims of around 1m within the exterior divider of your domestic.

The fitter at that point blows insulation into the depression utilizing specialized equipment


Once all the separato

r is within, the installer fills the holes within the brickwork so you’ll scarcely take note them.

Filling depth dividers isn’t a work you’ll be able to do yourself; you may have to utilize a registered installer.

A proficient can do the job in around two hours for a standard house with effectively available dividers.

It shouldn’t make any mess.

Choosing the best home insulation contractor

Spray Foam Insulation
A room at a newly constructed home is sprayed with liquid insulating foam

Insulating your home comes with multiple benefits.

You will no longer have to worry about wet walls, which allows mold to grow.

Also, hiked energy bills will no longer be a problem.

You will be able to enjoy comfort and quality air when indoors.

Attic insulation

When insulating your attic, you want to make sure that you apply the right amount of insulation.

How do you know whether you have the right amount of insulation on your attic?

You can tell whether you have the right amount of insulation by checking the floor joists.

If the insulation is just at level with the joists or below them, then you need to add a little more insulation.

If you cannot see the beams because the insulation fully covers them, then you have the right amount of insulation.

Always ensure that the insulation is evenly distributed in the entire attic

Sometimes you will have more insulation in the middle and less at the ends.

This should not be the case. Ensure that there are no low spots.

Also, always go for insulation with a higher R-value since they have a better thermal performance.

The R-value will depend on the insulation type you choose.

Wall insulation

We insulate our home walls for two reasons; to avoid heat loss and for energy efficiency.

While we can ignore the importance of wall insulation, the fact is that there is about 35% heat loss because of lack of insulation or poor wall insulation.

This has an impact on the comfort and quality of the air we enjoy indoors.

As much as insulation is efficient, also, during construction, ensure that the materials we use are high performance materials.

When it comes to insulation, use an insulation board that has proper thickness.

The insulation board should also tightly fit the internal surfaces of the wall so that no air or moisture can penetrate through.

There are two types of wall insulation. There is internal wall insulation and solid wall insulation.

Whichever insulation you choose, you will achieve high levels of comfort and quality atmosphere in your home.

Air sealing

Spray Foam Insulation
A room at a newly constructed home is sprayed with liquid insulating foam

Air sealing is a practice that can enable you to reach the energy-saving levels you have always desired.

This will not only be an advantage in your economic state, but it will also maximize efficiency and comfort in your home.

Here are some few steps to follow when air sealing your place;

Perform a home energy audit

Make an appointment with a professional and have an energy audit for your home carried out.

The expert will check for any air leaks in your door by carrying out a door blower test.

This is one of the many things involved during an energy audit

Seal against the exterior air

Check for areas that have gaps and cracks that might be letting in air.

Areas that are likely to have holes allowing in and out air are the siding where the chimney meets, at the foundation, and the roof.

Also, areas, where there are plumbing activities, electrical wires getting into the house, and vents on the exterior walls, are most probably going to have cavities.

Use caulk to seal all these places, not forgetting to check around the windows and doors.

Wall air sealing services

Foam insulation behind electrical outlets and light switches helps to minimize air flowing I and out of the house.

If you have cables and landlines in your place, remember to insulate behind the receptacles.

When cracks or holes might seem minute, but the effect they have on the quality of air is significant.

You can weatherstrip or use caulk to insulate areas around the baseboard, windows, and doors.

Basement and crawl space sealing

Should I use Spary foam insulation
A room at a newly constructed home is sprayed with liquid insulating foam

Houses built on a concrete foundation is less likely to create space for mold to grow.

If you build your home on a crawl space, there are high chances of having water stagnate in your basement if you don’t have a proper drainage system.

Water or less moisture that gets trapped in the crawl space provides a suitable habitat for mold to grow.

As time goes by, this moisture will start forming cracks on the house floors, which will let in air and your home.

To seal the crawl space, check the rim joists and sill plates properly.

Seal any holes that you see.

Also, check the HVAC lines, dryer lines, and gas and water supply, and spray enough insulation around all these areas.

Attic Cleaning Services in San Mateo

When the attic is not cleaned within the recommended time, there are chances that the mold will grow.

When you spot mold on your attic, what you should do is to call an expert to clean and remove the mold.

The mold can be infectious and is dangerous for your health.

The cleaning experts will ensure that they professionally eradicate the mold to ensure that it does not affect the homeowner health.

When carrying out the project, the team will do an intensive assessment to know the exact extent of the mold.

After the examination, they will then sort out the things in the attic.

The main reason for the isolation is to avoid the spread of the mold. After the isolation now the real cleaning start.

Here the contractor will use different chemicals which are ecofriendly and have no effect on the environment.

Since mold is contagious and can cause infection, the contractor will take us disinfectant on the room before removing the cause of the mold.

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