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Attic cleaning services in San Carlos, CA.

When we are called for attic cleaning services in San Carlos, we find the attic in a different situation, but all already anticipate.

We took a project the other month, where we were hired to clean the attic.

The owner would say that her wife was complaining about the bad smell that was coming from the attic.

Since that is what we do best, we were happy to take the project.

The next day we went with my team to handle the clean.

The attic from the look of things has never been cleaned.

There was a different kind of rodents, and as a matter of fact, we found two dead rats.

We cleaned the attic, removed all the rodents, and insulated the whole space.

After the cleaning process, we disinfected the whole attic to avoid infection.

We offer several cleaning services which are;

  • Attic clean up

    Attic Crawl Space
    Inside gable and joist view of ongoing project, insulation of attic with fiberglass cold barrier and reflective heat barrier between the attic joists
  • Rodent and pest control
  • Pest and rodent eradication
  • Attic sealing
  • Rodent and pest proofing

Attic Cleaning

After you have checked, your attic and found the mold, you should act immediately, or it will have to cost your future to remedy the issue.

When the attic is dirty, there could be molds and fungus can cause serious health issues to you and your family.

Cleaning the attic is not a simple task and should only be done by experts.

The expert recommends that the attic should be cleaned at least once per year.

The cleaning involves removing the existing insulation, eradication of the pest and rodent and also protecting them from evading the area again.

After the cleaning process, the cleaning company helps to install a new insulator and also install the radiant barrier.

They will then disinfect the whole attic to avoid any possible infection.

I would recommend the cleaning of the attic from time to time and avoid the rodent and pest.

Why Spray Foam Insulation Installation

If you have considered doing a home renovation, it would be great to insulate your home too.

Insulating your home can be a challenging activity if you decided to carry out on your own.

Hiring a professional will have the job completed quickly and efficiently.

Air sealing

Air sealing helps to reduce the amount of air leaking in and out of your home.

This can significantly lower the heating and cooling costs and improve the durability of your HVAC system.

Also, it is a great way to enhance comfort and create a healthier indoor environment.

If you decide to go for DIY insulation, caulking and weather stripping would be the best options to go for.

They are cost-effective as well as simple to conduct.

You can use caulk to seal cracks and openings resent on your windows or door frames.

Also, for weather stripping, you can use it for moving components around your home like doors and windows.

There can be air leaks even below the old insulation.

Therefore, before adding another layer of insulation, you can strip off the exiting one and look for holes.

Air leaks can hide under moldy and dirty surfaces too.

Ensure to clean up dust off the area you want to insulate before adding the material.

Using caulk for air sealing

Spray foam insulation for your attic
A room at a newly constructed home is sprayed with liquid insulating foam before the drywall is added. Ideal for new home construction advertising and other ho

Caulk is suitable for sealing gaps and holes that are less than a quarter-inch wide.

Often, it is used on stationary components.

Before applying caulk, it is necessary that you evaluate the areas to check for air leaks.

Also, it is crucial that you consider the ventilation of your place so that to maintain a suitable indoor environment.

Apart from preventing air escape, caulk helps to prevent water damage when installed around faucets, water pipes, drains, and other water supply components.

Selecting caulk

Caulking compounds have disposable cartridges that you fit in half-barrel caulking guns.

A caulking gun with an automatic release is more efficient and the best to go for.

About half-cartridge is what it takes to insulate a window completely.

With this in mind, you will be in a position to purchase the right amount of caulk depending on the areas you are sealing.

There are numerous caulking compounds in the market, all varying in strength, prices, and properties.

You can find caulk in two types. One that is water-based and the other is solvent-based.

If you do not know the right caulk to use, you can always consult a professional.

Applying caulk

Before applying this compound, it is necessary that you clean al the areas being caulked.

This will help to increase adhesiveness.

Remove any existing caulk or paint and wait for the place to dry before starting the insulation process.

Apply caulk to the joints of a window or door frame and area between the frame and the wall.

Apply caulk in a continuous manner rather than the start and stop way for good results.

Ensure that the caulk sticks appropriately on both sides of the crack or gap.

Crawl space insulation

Having an insulated crawl space under your house can make the floor of your home extremely cold, especially during cold seasons.

The potential problem with this is that this creates a suitable environment for mold to grow.

In extreme cases, it will take more hat insulation to make your place warmer and prevent the growth of molds.

Here is what to do to reduce moisture as well as insulate your crawl space

Cover the ground

We use the best Spray foam insulation material
thermal insulation spray background polyurethane foam for thermal insulation of walls

Before covering the ground, you will need to clear the crawl space of anything stored in it.

You will also need to remove all the debris and rectify and problems like draining water standing in the crawl space.

Also, fill the holes or gaps present.

When this is done, cover the entire place with a plastic sheet ensuring that it covers the foundation walls adequately.

Use tape to hold the sheet into place.

Insulate the floor

You can use fiberglass insulation or spray foam insulation to insulate areas between the floor joists.

Cover the insulation with a vapor barrier.

Face the vapor barrier towards the heated living space and ensure that it fits appropriately between the joists.

You can support the insulation and vapor barrier with wires.

Enclose the foundation

For unenclosed foundations, you can sue bricks, concrete blocks, or lattice panels to fill the space between the external piers.

Insulation removal services in San Carlos

After you have completed building your room, the next step you should consider is insulating your home.

There are different parts of your home that needs to be insulated.

From basic science, we know that hot air rises and the cold air goes down.

The attic will need to be insulated.

Insulation of the attic is not a simple thing, but when you hire that expert, they will fix the installation.

When the attic is not insulated well, a lot of heat will be lost.

The statistics have it that most of the heat is lost through the attic or the roof.

Before opting for insulation, you will need to ensure that the leaks are all fixed.

Another part that you should insulate is the duct, ceiling, external walls, the basement, and other parts.

All the insulation should also be handled by experts to ensure quality services.

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