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Attic Insulation Redwood City provides professional attic insulation services for your Redwood City area home to help lower your home’s energy costs

Home insulation services

Many years after insulation your home, you should consider the services of insulation removal.

When insulation is old, it develops thermal leaks, mold and fungus growth which affect the thermal effectiveness of the insulating material.

The cost of insulation removal on average is about $1 per square foot, and insulation installation is about $1.25 per square.

The cost may vary depending on the size of your room and the type of insulation material and the company you choose.

Experts always give you a quote and avoid hidden charges.

Replace Your Old Spray Foam Insulation

Spray foam insulation in the basement
The texture of solidified foam for thermal insulation of walls insulation for the home

Insulation does not only involve installing the insulation material on walls and attics, but it also involved sealing all holes and gaps before beginning the activity.

Air sealing can be useful when you are looking for a way to prevent air and moisture from leaking into your home.

Also, it is an excellent way of keeping rodents from your premises.

Air sealing

It is easy to detect air leaks in open places like under the draft of a door.

However, in areas like the attics and between walls, it can be challenging.

For appropriate sealing of your entire home, you need to put into account the visible and the non-visible air leaks.

Hiring a professional to check the air leak situation of your home is prudent.

The expert will most probably carry out an energy audit.

Blower door test is the most common audit they carry out which will depressurize your home and enable them to detect for leaks.

Ways that you can detect leaks in your home include;

Visual attic insulation inspection

For this, you will need to inspect both inside and outside your house.

On the outside, emphasize on the corners, water faucets, siding s and where chimneys meet as well as the area between the foundation and the walls meet.

Also, check for holes in the attic hatches, electrical cables, around windows and doors frames, at the TV cables and phone lines, in vents and fans and other places in your home.

Also, in case you had weather-stripped or caulked the door or window, check if it was done correctly, ensuring there is are no gaps left.

Replace old beams, windows, and doors since they might too many air leaks which even when sealed, they will continue appearing in other places

Perform a pressurizing test

Use this test when you find it difficult locating the leaks.

Pressurization test works by increasing infiltration through cracks and gaps.

This makes air leaks detection easier.

To carry out this test, turn off all combustion appliances in your home and shut the windows, exterior door, and fireplace flues.

The next thing to do is to turn on all the exhaust fans that blow air outside so that they can suck out the air in all the rooms.

Then, light an incense stick and place it in common air leaks sites.

Whenever the smoke waves or it gets blown, it is an indication of a leak.

Other means of detecting air leaks include shutting a window or door on a dollar bill.

If it is possible to pull the dollar bill without dragging, there is an air leak.

Also, you can use a flashlight at night on areas with potential gaps.

With significant gaps, there will be presence of rays of light.


Rodent control

It is never pleasing to have rodents in your home.

Rodents can be annoying, especially when they are not controlled in the early stages.

They can thrive rapidly, especially when they have contact with food and water and dark places to hide

There are various ways of controlling rodents in your home.

There are some basic steps to follow to control rodents in our place.

They include;

Rodent prevention

Rodent’s invasion is easy when there are open areas and holes for them to come in and out of your place.

This is dangerous.

Rodents can carry disease-causing bacteria, not forgetting that they are very destructive.

Rodents invade your home due to many reasons, the main one being poor sanitation.

Keeping your food open, vegies and grains uncovered and trash cans without leads can attract rodents.

They main invade your place in search of food.

You can prevent this by ensuring that you have your food stored in tightly sealed cans and the cupboards and refrigerators well closed.

Ensure to clean around your kitchen after meals to have the place spotless.

Block access points

We use the best Spray foam insulation material
thermal insulation spray background polyurethane foam for thermal insulation of walls

Seal all holes, cracks, and gaps in your home.

They can act as access points or breeding points for the rodents.

Weatherstrip doors with a gap underneath and fix leaky pipes.

Keep your drainage system closed and any damaged vents repaired.

Identify the rodent species

Early signs like animal droppings and gnawing on foods and containers will tell you that there is a rodent in your home.

Most of the time, rats and mice are the uninvited visitors.

They are often nocturnal and will be busy at night.

Rodent treatment

There are many ways you can eliminate rodents.

You can use traps, poisoned baits, and natural predators.

Attic clean-up services

An attic is a place located between your ceiling and the top of your roof.

Most homeowner uses the space to store goods and products that they use do not use frequently.

They store products such as old clothes, empty boxes, crates and old clothes.

When the attic is not cleaned, it will be invaded by rodent and pest, which will make the attic their home.

Since the area is small, you should ensure that there is free air circulation.

It is always good to keep the attic and the crawl space to ensure that you remove all the rodents and wildlife from the attic.

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