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Home insulation in Petaluma.

Are you interested in leaving the least carbon footprint on the atmosphere as you possibly can?

Some go for solar power, while others start using recycled material for fuel, and use eco-friendlier heating and cooling methods.

There’s an addition to that, insulation.

With insulation in your home, there are fewer emissions from your HVAC and furnace, hence less carbon release to the environment.

Besides, if you choose the right material, you can enjoy the benefits of insulation, while having a little environmental impact.

To help you choose the right material and form of insulation for your home, Atticity Insulation offers consultation services.

Our home insulation services include:

why should you choose Spray foam insulation?
A room at a newly constructed home is sprayed with liquid insulating foam before the drywall is added. Ideal for new home construction advertising and other home construction promotional inferences.
  • Where’s your spray foam insulation?
  • Crawl space insulation
  • Wall Insulation
  • Blow-in Insulation
  • Air sealing

Where’s your spray foam insulation?

Do you have an external wall that needs some insulation?

What of the wall cavities that are proving to be a problem when it comes to heat loss around the house?

Are you planning on insulating your basement but have trouble reaching some places?

If you want to protect your home, and by the end of the day, have fully-spread insulation, despite the obstructions, then go for spray foam.

Since it’s easy to apply, you will require less time putting it in place.

Also, with the many benefits that you can get from the spray foam, you can never go wrong with one.

It is also very applicable in the attics and crawl spaces.

Besides, since the spray foam expands to fit into the gaps and cracks, you also get an air sealing service once you install it.

Crawl space insulation

When it is time to install some insulation in your home, do not forget about the crawl space.

If you have a concrete subfloor, then there is no need to insulate the crawl space.

However, with a dirt floor, there is bound to be some moisture and insects crawling up in your basement.

So, you need to choose the material that works best for your home.

Whether you have a vented or unvented crawl space, insulting it is a good investment and works to lower the total heating and cooling expenses around your house.

If you can reach all walls, the using batt insulation can work for your crawl space insulation.

However, if there are many obstructions and small space, you might want to use some loose-fill insulation for faster application.

Wall Insulation

When It comes to wall insulation, an existing wall proves to be more challenging to insulate.

That is not to mean that we do not offer the best and most durable insulation solutions for homeowners.

It is hard to install the insulation correctly if you choose to do it yourself.

You must hire an experienced contractor for the job

If you want to have long-lasting solutions to the high energy bills in your home, add a layer of insulation on the existing one on your walls or remodel your wall insulation.

Atticity Insulation has got you covered.

Blow-in Insulation

We do Spray Foam Insulation Right
Construction worker thermally insulating house attic with mineral wool

When you need to insulate enclosed walls, cavities, places with small headroom space, or many obstructions, using standard batt rolls will be very challenging.

In some cases, the vents may prevent you from accessing the areas to lay the blanket insulation.

Hence, you need a faster and more effective method to apply the insulation, that is where blown-in insulation comes in.


With a specialized machine used to blow in the loose cellulose insulation into place, you can easily insulate your attic or crawl space in less than 3 hours.

Air sealing

There are numerous places in your attic where cooled, or heated air may escape your house.

With the air leaks accounting for the loss of more than 20% of conditioned air, you must address the holes if you are to save on your utility bills.

Although you can easily do the air sealing yourself, you must have a professional on-site.

This is because they have methods of identifying hidden air leaks in your home.

So, whether it is the rim joists, the nail or screw nails, the chimney, and air conditioning vents, we have got you covered.

Whether it needs some weather-stripping, caulking, or foam to seal off, you can rely on us for quality air sealing services in Petaluma.

Insulation removal

attic clean up
duct service

Insulation services are offered to the homeowner, where the contractor install the different insulating material to ensure the house is energy efficient.

The process of roof insulation is not that easy, but it worth it.

On average, the insulation contractor charges about $1.25 per foot.

Since before you install any roof, you will need to remove the existing insulation.

The insulation removal charges about $1.00 per foot.

Every homeowner understands the need for installing new insulation.

When choosing the company for your home, insulation is good to do due diligence to ensure that you get the best services.

A good company will ensure that you get the best insulation.

Apart from that, the insulation process will be completed wihin time.


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