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Call for attic clean-up in Pacifica, CA.

When you suspect that the crawl and the attic have been evaded by pest and rodents, hire our services. We have helped a bunch of Pacifica residents to eradicate the rodent, bird, bat, raccoon and other pests from the area. Entering the crawl area is not for everyone and thus the need for hiring us as an experienced company to handle all the cleaning and pest eradication. When the rodent and other wildlife live in your attic and crawl space there are high chances of you getting some infection. The rodent comes with insects like the mites. When they drop on the cracked attic, they will start attacking the homeowner and all the family. You will begin to scratching your body and develop some peoples.  You will need to clean the attic because;

  • To remove the bad odor

    Home attic cleanup
    Attic interior in empty house with storage shelves
  • To control pest and rodents
  • To increase your home value
  • To minimize health hazards
  • To create an extra room

Attic Cleaning Services

When you want to cool your room in a cheaper alternative, you should consider the installation of radiant. After you have hired cleaning services to clean the attic and install the insulator, you should consider radiant installation. The radiant barrier is made of aluminum sheet or any other material that is capable of blocking the heat. In most cases, the barrier is installed on the top of attic insulation while other contractors consider installation at the underside of the roof. Any of the two methods is effective and works in helping to tool the room. For any of the way you choose will be determined in you need to use the attic. If you are not using the attic, you should opt for installing on the insulation. If you are o use the attic, consider the installation of the radiant barriers on the under of the roof.

Home insulation in Pacifica

An uninsulated home loses up to 40% of its energy through the wall, attic, floor, and basement. If you have cracks on your walls, gaps in the windows, then your heated air escapes your home, leaving you in the cold. As a result, your heater tends to work more and harder to keep your air at a consistent temperature. Consequently, you pay more electricity bills and have to do routine maintenance more often now. However, you can change this by having a professional install some insulation around your home. in Pacifica, Atticity insulation offers these good qualities and long-lasting insulation services. These include:

  • Benefits of spray foam insulation
  • Attic Insulation
  • Air sealing
  • Wall Insulation
  • Rodent control

Benefits of spray foam insulation

What do you stand to gain when you invest in the insulation of your home? Are you torn between the various types of insulation for your attic, basement, or walls? Are you having trouble settling on spray insulation? If so, then these benefits of spray foam insulation will help you settle and get down to insulating your home. Spray foam insulation has excellent insulation properties. It outperforms the traditional methods of insulation and reduces the energy bills around your home dramatically. Also, it stops air leakage and infiltration while offering a vapor and moisture barrier to your home. As a result, the chances of mold growing in your home decrease tremendously. With the noise proofing properties, you can install the spray foam insulation if your house is susceptible to noise pollution. Finally, with the rigid nature of the closed-cell spray foam, you can use it to add some structural support to your walls or roof.

Attic Insulation

We do Spray Foam Insulation Right
Construction worker thermally insulating house attic with mineral wool

Did you know that you lose a lot of your conditioned air through the attic? Are you comfortable with letting your AC and furnace operate full time, only for the heat to leave your home due to an uninsulated attic? If not, then it is time you made some difference. Attic insulation increases the effectiveness of your home’s thermal envelope. It retains the cooler air in the summer and keeps the cold air out in the winter. With the recommended R-value for your area, you can have your home’s heating, and cooling bills decrease dramatically. If you need help determining the best material to use for your attic insulation, then reach out to Atticity Insulation. Let us help you save money and have your systems last longer.

Air sealing

Do you have numerous electrical outlets in your home?  Are there landline and plumping outlets in your home that leave gaps on the wall. All these contribute massively to the increased heating and cooling expenses around your home. Instead of buying a higher rated HVAC unit, why not try and seal off the gaps and holes in your home for more energy efficiency? If you wish to do so and need some professional help, then we are the people to reach out to. We address the air leaks with dependable methods. If there are window frames that do not fit, we have caulking and weather-stripping to cover them. If there are huge cracks on the wall, we will take care of it for you.

Wall Insulation

The choice of whether to install wall insulation or not is yours. Once you weigh the benefits against the disadvantages of installing wall insulation, you need to make a choice. However, if you wish to enjoy some noise control, moisture regulation added structural support for your home, and better energy efficiency around your home, you need to take the bold step and invest in wall insulation. With the help of professionals from Atticity Insulation, you will be sure to rip the benefits of wall insulation in your home. At affordable prices and best installation services, investing in wall insulation will go a long way to save you some cash.

Rodent control

Spray foam insulation in the basement
The texture of solidified foam for thermal insulation of walls insulation for the home

Do you hear scratching noises in your walls or the attic? Are there grease marks on your walls and dropping in your kitchen? Do you see gnawing marks on your fruits or food in the kitchen? Are rats becoming a problem to your insulation in the attic? If so, all you need are some professional rodent control measures. From Atticity, we have the best tactics to ensure we not only chase the rats away from your house but also ensure that there is no chance of future infestations. Call us today for quality and reliable rodent control services.

Insulation removal in Pacifica, CA

Insulation is a simple way to make your home to be energy efficient. The material that you choose as your insulator plays a large part in reducing heat loss. Every insulating material has its unique benefits and problems. Some of the material is preferred because they are eco-friendly.  When you are choosing the insulating material, you will need to do in-depth research and even ask your technician to recommend the best material.

Considering that Pacifica contractors have experience in insulation, they know the best material that is best for insulating the roof and the best material for insulating the floor and the wall. If you have no complete knowledge about the house insulation, your task will be hiring an experienced and certified technician in Pacifica.  When you hire a qualified and highly trained technician, you will get more significant services worth your investment.

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Different wall insulation techniques in Pacifica, CA

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