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Professional Home insulation in Orinda, CA.

Insulation is a worth-while investment for your home.

Since it keeps your indoor air warm in the winter and cool in the summer, you enjoy more comfortable being in your house.

Once you heat the air in your living space, it stays in for a more extended period.

Hence, there is no need to crank up your HVAC or furnace or invest in fans around your home.

With the right insulation, your home becomes more comfortable, and you save on energy bills.

For the insulation to perform, you will need the proper installation.

That is why at Atticity Insulation, we offer home simulation services. These include:

We do Spray Foam Insulation Right
Construction worker thermally insulating house attic with mineral wool
  • Does spray foam insulation help?
  • Attic Insulation
  • Air sealing
  • Wall Insulation
  • Rodent control

Does spray foam insulation help?

Spray foam insulation helps you keep your indoor air quality.

It not only blocks the entry of mold, mildew, dust, pollen, and other allergens in your home, but also prevents air leakage and infiltration.

With the spray foam insulation, you get to downsize your HVACs performance by up to 40%, thus lowering the emissions, and saving you a lot of money.

Since the spray foam does not sag or settle after time, you can install it once and be set for life.

the high R-value of the spray foam allows you to keep the air temperature in your home consistent.

Therefore, you do not have to worry about the hike in heating and cooling expenses in the winter or the summer. Besides, the spray foam insulation has some impeccable noise, moisture, and insect-proof properties.

Once you have spray foam insulation, you can expect the structural strength of your walls, and the net worth of your home to improve.

Attic Insulation

Heating and cooling expenses constitute more than 50% of the total energy bills in an average home.

However, you do not have to settle for that. With enough insulation in your attic, you can cut down the cost, and save money.

There is more heat transfer in the attic than any other part of your home. That is because the warm air rises and meets the cold air in the attic.

On the other hand, the warm air around the attic heats the cool air in the living area, creating an uncomfortable warmth in your home.

With the right choice of insulation for your home, you get to save 25% of the conditioned air lost through your attic.

Air sealing

We use the best Spray foam insulation material
thermal insulation spray background polyurethane foam for thermal insulation of walls

Does your company offer energy auditing services, or do you need to hire a service provider?

Before you get an expert testing your home for air leakage, you can try and figure out some of the spots and seal them off with some simple DIY steps.

For instance, if you check places where two walls meet, you can examine the area for cracks and gaps.

Once you find some, you can use bubble wrap or some airtight sealant to seal the cracks.

Also, you can try and install foam gaskets behind electrical outlets and switches.

This way, you minimize the airflow between the indoor and outdoor spaces.

If you have done that and still notice a minimal change in your energy bill, then you can call for an expert from Atticity Insulation for an air sealing service.

Wall Insulation

Wall insulation can be either internal, external, or cavity insulation.

All involve the application of a thermal insulator on the wall to reduce heat loss through the wall.

Once the insulation material is in place, the rate of heat transfers through the wall decreases.

That means the warm air stays in during the winter and the cool air stays in during the summer.

Consequently, you spend less on heating and cooling your indoor space, thus saving a lot of cash on air conditioning.

The only upside to the wall insulation is the need for professional services.

You need to hire a professional if you are to enjoy the benefits of wall insulation.

In Orinda, Atticity Insulation offers these services at affordable rates.

Rodent control

Do you have a rodent problem in your home?

Are you noticing some insulation falling off from the attic, grease marks along the edge of the ceiling, or droppings in your house? If you do, then you need to call Atticity Insulation for some professional rodent control.

Rats survive anywhere with shelter and food. Without the right prevention and control measure, they will end up destroying your home.

Our rodent control process involves the use of traps and baits to reduce their population.

Then, with proper sanitation and exclusion, we ensure there is no risk of future infestation.

Crawl space cleaning

Have you ever tried accessing the crawl space?

If yes you can testify it is the scariest parts of your home.

The place needs to be insulated to ensure that there minimum heat loss in the house.

Crawl space can act as a hideout for the rodent-like a rat, mice, raccoon, and another kind of pest.

In some cases, reptiles like snakes will make the crawl space their home.

Considering all this, space needs to be cleaned, insulated, and rodent proofed.

All the services are offered by a cleaning company who aims to provide a rodent-free home.

When the rodent evade the attic, and the electric wires pass through the attic, there are chances that the rodents will consume the cut the wires.

It will lead to power lighting problems in your home.

Rodent at your home will only cause more harm than good.

The best attic cleaners in Orinda, CA.

does Spray foam insulation affective?
A room at a newly constructed home is sprayed with liquid insulating foam before the drywall is added. Ideal for new home construction advertising and other home construction promotional inferences.

Cleaning your attic is an exercise that you should consider from time to time if you care about your family’s health.

Many clients have raised a concern about getting noise and bad odor from the attic.

What they don’t know is that when the attic is left unattended, it will change to be a home for rodents.

When you want to clear away the pest from your attic, you will need to hire the best attic cleaners in Orinda, CA.

In most of the home that we have visited, we have found the attic evaded by different sort of pest.

Some of this pest have mites and other creature that makes you scratch your body.

If you want to achieve a healthy home, consider cleaning the attic.

We also enlighten our clients on the kind of services that we offer such as;

  • Attic Proofing
  • Attic Insulation
  • Attic Cleaning Services
  • Rodent Removal
  • Sanitation & Decontamination

Perfect home insulation in Orinda

Insulating your home is one of the noble ideas that you can think of.

When you insulate your home, you make your home to be energy efficient and also make your home worth living during the hot and cold period.

Insulation guarantees that there is minimal heat loss when you use the right material.

The right material should be the one that follows the set standards.

When you are choosing the material, ensure that you consider a material that has the lowest thermal conductivity.

The lower the thermal conductivity, the lower the heat loss, and the opposite is true.

Consider a material which has the right R-value that fits the place it will be installed.

To ensure that the insulation protects the house against fire, you should consider a material that is waterproof and fireproof.


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