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Attic Insulation Mountain View provides professional attic insulation services for your Mountain View  area home to help lower your home’s energy costs

Insulation services in Mountain View

When you want to regulate the heat loss in your home, you will need to install insulators.

An insulator helps by reducing the heat loss by more than 89 when done by a professional.

They understand how the insulation is done and the material that is best for particular insulation.

Several factors need to consider before you can settle for an insulation contractor.

You will need to consider their online review, experience, license, and insurance, among other things.

All these factors influence how the insulation project is carried out.

If you want it done professionally, hire experts and experienced contractor.

Attic Cleaning in Mountain View, CA

When you think about attic cleaning, there are a lot of activities that are involved.

It is recommended that you should clean your attic about once every two years.

The attic cleaning involves removing the existing insulation and perform a thorough cleaning.

After the cleaning and removal of the attic insulation, the technician will handle disinfect your attic.

The disinfectant used is environmentally friendly to ensure that they do not harm the homeowner.

After the disinfection and removal of pests and rodents, the company hired will then help in insulation.

There are several benefits of the insulator in the attic, mainly being that it helps to keep the attic in good shape and also prevent heat loss.

For any attic project may it be, attic clean up, attic insulation replacement and repair, insulation installation, pest, and rodents control among many other features.

Only hire experts to help you with attic cleaning and insulation.

Spray foam insulations-fits the bills.

When building an energy-efficient home, it is crucial to eliminate or reduce any sources of inefficiency.

That means that you take care of your walls, attic, and crawl spaces.

When you want to reduce energy loss in your home, you will need to use a high performance thermal resistant material to create a high-efficiency thermal envelope around your living space.

If you want an insulation that expands to cover all holes, nooks, and crannies in your walls, then spray foam insulation is the way to go.

Serving as an improved alternative from the traditional methods of insulation, spray foam works to save on energy costs, thus significantly lowering your utility bills.

Home Insulation in Mountain View

does Spray foam insulation affective?
A room at a newly constructed home is sprayed with liquid insulating foam before the drywall is added. Ideal for new home construction advertising and other home construction promotional inferences.

Heat is continuously moving around your house.

From a warmer to colder region, heat is always escaping from the warmth of your house to the cold outside space.

In the hot summer, hot air will escape to your home, causing cramped living space.

On the other hand, in the cold winters, rather than air staying indoors to keep you warm, it escapes through the walls, attic, and crawl space to the outside.

However, you can reduce the rate of heat flow by proper insulation all-around your home.

The padding gives your home a higher resistance to heat flow, thus creating a thermal envelope and a comfortable living space.

With your home having a higher R-value, you spend less on the heating and cooling bills and save money on energy consumption.

At Atticity Insulation, we offer a range of home insulation services in Mountain View.

These include:

  • Know if spray foam insulations-fits the bills
  • Wall insulation
  • Crawl space insulation
  • Air sealing
  • Attic insulation

Wall insulation

Without proper insulation, it is easy for your walls to trap in some moisture.

Moisture trapped in your wall can be the root of all sorts of problems.

Soon, you start to notice mold and mildew growing on the walls.

The air near the walls is cold, and it eventually spreads across the whole house, regardless of whether your AC and furnace are on or not.

If you have wooden walls, then they start to rot, while others have stains when the frozen patches melt.

However, you can avoid all these problems by installing some high quality wall insulation.

When done right, wall insulation significantly improves moisture control around your home, creating a conducive living space for you and your family.

Crawl space insulation

An insulated crawl space is ideal since it aids in moisture control.

However, there are not many homes with insulated crawl spaces.

Hence, there is a need for a better way to control the moisture.

Also, you need to create a barrier between the cold surface and the floor of your home.

the best way to achieve both is by using high quality, rated R-value insulation on your crawl space.

When you get to insulating your crawl space, you can either insulate the walls, or the subfloor of the room above.

This way, you use less insulation, yet achieve the requirements.

Also, it eliminates the need to insulate the vent and ducts, thus saving you money.

Air sealing

We use the best Spray foam insulation material
thermal insulation spray background polyurethane foam for thermal insulation of walls

Ever heard of the leaky boat principle? Well, it is a boat with a leak, that always lets in water into the boat.

To keep the boat afloat, you do not need a bigger engine or a pump in the boat. Instead, what you need to do is seal off the hole, and the leakage will stop.

The analogy works for your home too.

With numerous holes, gaps, and cracks, installing a larger furnace or a higher rated air-conditioning unit will not keep your house warm.

Instead, you need to seal off any air infiltration to achieve a more comfortable living space.

Hence, the air sealing service from Atticity Insulation.

Attic insulation

How do you choose the best attic insulation for your home?

On what basis do you select blown-in insulation, and forego batt or blanket insulation for your attic?

How best do you combat heat loss in the winter and retain fresh air in your home during the summer?

The answer lies in the choice of attic insulation.

Once you have an energy audit for your home, you can then consider the R-value.

the higher the R-value, the better the thermal resistance of the insulating material.

Then, you need to check on the condition of your attic.

If there are obstructions, such as air ducts, chimney vent, or irregularly shaped joists, then blown-in insulation will be easier to apply, compared to the standard sized batt rolls.

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