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How to go about attic cleaning in Milbrae, CA.

We get a request from a client who claimed that he wants his attic to be repaired.

After a further discussion, we learned that he had hired another company who claimed that the space is too small.

It happens as some company looks for the simple project to milk money from the homeowner.

We sympathized with the client and assured him of quality services.

We went to handle the project the next day and fixed all the whole attic.

We offer cleaning services, rodent and pest proofing, attic air sealing, and rodent controlling.

After offering our services, which lasted for 8 hours due to the complexity of the project, the customer was satisfied and appreciated us a lot.

We have so far received like five recommendation from that client, meaning he liked our services.

Under the cleaning department we offer;

  • Attic cleaning services
  • Attic air sealing services
  • Attic Repair
  • Rodent and pest control
  • Rodent and pest proofing
  • Attic crawl space

Attic clean-up

There is a lot of heat that is lost through the attic.

When the attic is sealed in the right way, you are sure that there will be minimal heat loss.

Although the project is not that easy, it is worth the investment.

When the attic is not cleaned and rodent proofed, you will find all sort of pest.

The homeowner does not recognize the attic as another room.

It’s good to note that the attic can make a very nice private room when it is stored rightfully.

If you hear abnormal sounds in the attic, you should consider hiring an attic cleaning services.

There might be reptiles and rodents that have assumed your attic as their home.

The problem is that the rodents will start evading your valuables and cause more harm.

Millbrae Insulation contractor

Attic removal
Worker thermally insulating a house attic using mineral wool

After you have insulated your home, you will need the insulation to be removed.

Insulation removal is not an expensive project but equally needs to be done by a certified and experienced contractor.

Take, for example, removing the duct insulation; a simple mistake can cost you.

The process can be messy, and there will be some cleaning needed.

When you want the best services always consider hiring the experts.

When handling the attic insulation removal, some company will decline the project with an excuse that there is no enough space.

Thus to avoid frustration and inconveniences know what you want and also hire someone who understands the process.

After the insulation removal, you will need the installation services.

Hire a company that specializes in both the installation and removal as it is economical.

Despite your budget, you will get a company that offers insulation for your home.

Spray foam insulation from basement to attic.

Despite the improvement in the insulation industry, spray foam remains to be one of the best forms of padding for any home.

Since it is easy to apply, be it in the walls or the attic, it is a favorite among homeowners.

Once you spray it in place, it expands to fit the holes and gaps in the walls.

When used in the attic, you do not need to worry about the vents and many obstructions.

It provides an airtight thermal envelope, which not only offers resistance to heat and airflow but also has some high noise blocking properties.

With the insulation on your walls, you can expect no mold or mildew to grow on the walls.

However, for an active, long-lasting, and proper installation of the all-purpose spray foam insulation, you will need the services of a professional installer.

Hence the existence of Atticity Insulation.

Home insulation

Spray foam insulation for your attic
A room at a newly constructed home is sprayed with liquid insulating foam before the drywall is added. Ideal for new home construction advertising and other ho

Why choose to insulate your home?

Why invest in your attic, walls, or crawl space?

When it comes to the choice of whether to insulate or not, there are more benefits of insulating, compared to the downside.

Come to think of it, the pros outweigh the cons, anytime you come to making a choice.

Compared to solar installation for reduced electricity bills, insulation is a cheaper approach, and it is sure to return the amount spent in a matter of a few years.

Since it is mostly a once and done project, you can choose to invest in the future too.

Besides, insulation in your home adds value and improves the curb appeal of your home.

At Atticity Insulation in Millbrae, we offer quality insulation services.

These include:

  • Spray foam insulation from basement to attic
  • Wall insulation
  • Crawl space insulation
  • Air sealing
  • Attic insulation

Wall insulation

The process of insulating your walls in an ideal world would only involve removing the screws, laying the insulating materials, and screwing the drywall back in place.

However, that is not always the case.

When you are insulating your walls, you will need to use some professional services to get it done right.

You can hire highly trained and experienced experts from Atticity Insulation to finish the job.

Whether you choose to use batts, blankets, loose-fill, or spray foam insulation, we have got you covered.

We ensure you enjoy the full benefits of wall insulation.

From efficient heating and cooling, improved moisture control to better acoustics, you get the whole package of proper wall insulation.

Call us today and receive the best wall insulation in Millbrae.

Crawl space insulation

Insulating a crawl space is not an easy task.

More often than not, the crawl spaces are not easily accessible, making it hard to properly installing the insulation.

However, this should not be the reason you have freezing feet in the winter.

When you need to insulate your crawl space, think of what you can do best to ensure you enjoy maximum energy-efficiency in your crawl space.

If you have a vented crawl space, then you have better moisture control, but not necessarily better insulation.

If you have an unvented crawl space, then you need an insulation that deals with moisture and prevents mold growth.

Seek professional help and have your crawl space insulated in no time.

Air sealing

We use the best Spray foam insulation material
thermal insulation spray background polyurethane foam for thermal insulation of walls

If your home has no air sealing, then it most likely loses up to 3 times as much air as it should.

To put it in other words, you are paying high electricity bills for air to escape your home.

Also, it is essential to note that a draft home has a lot of leakages, the ones in the attic being the primary cause of ice dams.

To prevent the air leakage, uncontrolled heat flow in and out of your home, then you need an air sealing service in your home.

That is where Atticity Insulation comes in.

Contact us today, and we will make your home an airtight envelope.

Attic insulation

Even if you have a lot of insulation in your attic, leaking air carries with it enough heat to melt snow on the roof.

So, imagine how much heat you lose through the attic if you leave it uninsulated.

If you do not like the number, then you need to take action.

Call in for professional attic insulation installers to help you seal off your attic.

With an insulation material with a high R-value, you can conserve heat in your home.

Consequently, the heating and cooling bills reduce.

Besides, the insulation might be a way to add some structural support for your roof.

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