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Insulation removal in Los Gatos

You have resolved to insulate your home, but you are not sure of the best material.

Well, the best thing you should do is to contact a reputable and trustworthy contractor to help you with choosing the right insulation material.

In the market, there are different material used in insulation which includes fiberglass, natural fiber, form insulation, and Sips.

All this material have unique benefits and disadvantages.

With professional advice, you can know which material is best for your home.

Professional consultation in many insulation companies is free.

Reasons to get spray foam insulation.

With the compact nature of the spray foam insulation, you not only get temperature and moisture control but also block out unwanted noise in and out of your house.

Once you spray the foam insulation on your walls, then you have the assurance that airborne noise has no place in your home.

Also, with the closed-cell spray foam insulation, you improve on the structural strength of your home.

If you are unable to build support for your home due to planning restrictions, then you can have a spray foam insulation put from inside to add some support.

The compound is such that once sprayed in place, it expands to fill all crevices in your wall.

As a result, it helps strengthen your walls and the nail fatigued roof.

House insulation

Spray foam insulation
The texture of solidified foam for thermal insulation of walls insulation for the home

Are you renovating your home and wondering what to do to make it stronger, more comfortable, and yet energy-efficient?

Well, insulation is your straightforward answer.

If you choose to insulate your home, you are not only boosting its worth but also adding to its curb appeal.

With professional insulation services, such as the ones offered at Atticity Insulation, then you stand to have a better home.

With better control of airflow in and out of your home, you get to save a lot of money rather spent on energy bills.

Insulation goes a long way to conserve the environment too.

With reduced emissions from your HVAC units, you chip in to save the environment.

In Los Gatos, we offer insulation services such as:

  • Reasons to get spray foam insulation
  • Blown-in Insulation
  • Air sealing
  • Wall insulation
  • Rodent control

Blown-in Insulation

When you think of insulation, the image that comes to mind is long rolls of batt insulation or fiberglass.

However, these are the standard form of insulation for ceilings.

Yet, the fiberglass and batt insulation has a limitation for retrofit applications.

If you have an attic, crawl space, or wall with an irregular shape, small headroom space, or too many obstructions, then you can try out blown-in insulation.

The blown-in insulation involves blowing in the insulation material on joist cavities.

The material has an excellent R-value to protect your home.

The most commonly used material for the blown-in insulation is cellulose material, alongside Styrofoam pellets.

To blow in the insulation material, you will need specialized equipment and some skilled labor to help achieve the goal.

Air sealing

Air leakage is common in any home. All the nail holes, gaps in the window and door frame, screws, plumbing, and air conditioning vents all result in air leakage.

The hot air in your home will move to the outside, where there is less warmth.

As a result, you will find yourself with the AC always on, and the room still cold.

How can you combat such a problem in your home?

Well, there is an air sealing service offered by Atticity Insulation.

We cover up all holes and gaps, leaving your home as thermally insulated as possible.

We use the best techniques to ensure there is enough ventilation in your home, and you stay comfortable.

Reach out today and get the best air insulation in Los Gatos.

Wall insulation

Spary foam insulation vs. Blown in insulation
A room at a newly constructed home is sprayed with liquid insulating foam

If you have a new house, then you will most likely have some padding in the wall cavities.

However, with the older house models, the holes are blank.

Since more than 50% of heat in your house is lost through the uninsulated walls, you might need to do something about it to save on your heating and cooling costs.

Having the uninsulated walls in the harsh weather font result in discomfort and high utility bills.

That means you overwork your HVAC units, hence more maintenance and higher cost of operation.

To prevent the hike in energy bills, increase the comfort in your indoor living space, then you can choose to put wall insulation.

For the best wall insulation in Los Gatos, then contact Atticity Insulation.

Rodent control

You can find rodents all across the world. Whether it is in cold or hot places, you will find one.

They have teeth specialized for gnawing and others for chewing.

They chew on anything available to them, thus causing a lot of damage within and without the house.

So, when you notice some signs suggesting you might have rodents in your home, then you need to act quick.

Call for a professional rodent control service to have the job done faster.

An expert knows the various types of rats, and how best to deal with each kind.

Hence, you achieve the results more quickly.

Attic clean-up

When you want to keep your house clean, you should consider places that are most left unattended.

One such place is the attic.

Many homeowners take less or no time is cleaning the attic.

What they forget is that the attic can be a home of pest and rodents if it is not cleaned and rodent proofed.

The attic needs attention and thus the need for hiring attic cleaning services.

The attic leaning services involves cleaning all the feces, removing and proofing all the pest and rodents and insulating the whole attic.

When you hire the right company, all the project will be handled by the same technician.

The first step to the attic cleaning will involve cleaning the whole attic, then rodent and pest proofing, insulating the room and installing the radiant and finally arranging the room.

After they have left, the room can be used as a private room or even as a store.

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