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Insulation Contractor in Los Altos Hills

After you have insulated your home, over the time you might find that the home develops a thermal leak.

With a thermal leak, it simply means that your house is no longer energy efficient and thus you might experience high energy bills.

When you receive abnormal energy bills, you should know that there are chances of a thermal leak.

You will need to call insulation contractors to help in detecting and locating the leak.

In other cases, if your insulation develops some molds and fungus, it is good to hire a contractor to remove and install new insulation.

Although insulation replacement is a bit expensive, it is always worth in the long term.

Spray foam insulation for any roof.

Spray foam, when used to insulate roofs, delivers more than 50% in energy savings.

Compared to other materials such as fiberglass or mineral wool, it has a higher R-value, hence offers more protection from thermal loss.

Once you spray it on the roof, it expands to fill all cavities and voids, eliminating any air infiltration in your roof.

You can use spray foam insulation for any roof, whether old or new, accessible or full of vent.

If you have numerous places that hard to reach or irregularly shaped so that you cannot use the standard batt insulation, then you can go for spray foam insulation.

It offers a high level of air-tightness in your roof, thus conserving heat in your home, hence lower energy bills.

Home Insulation in Los Altos Hills, CA.

does Spray foam insulation affective?
A room at a newly constructed home is sprayed with liquid insulating foam before the drywall is added. Ideal for new home construction advertising and other home construction promotional inferences.

Is your home freezing in the winter, and unbearable in the summer?

Do you have high heating and cooling bills?

Are your walls too cold to touch when the temperatures drop outside?

Do you have to leave your furnace on the whole time during the cold weather?

Is your floor always cold and have ice dams form on your feet in the winters?

Well, the problem could be with the insulation in your home.

Whether you need a wall covered, the crawl space or the attic insulated, then you are in the right place.

At Atticity Insulation, we offer long-lasting insulation solutions for your home.

We will help you cut down on the cost of heating and cooling your home, whether in the winter or the summer.

Our home insulation solutions include:

  • Spray foam insulation for any roof
  • Blown-in Insulation
  • Air sealing
  • Wall insulation
  • Rodent control

Blown-in Insulation

How do you feel about making your home more energy-efficient?

Do you wish to achieve insulation, while getting a fire-resistance and noise proof wall?

Well, if you want this, then you might want to try out some blown-in insulation.

If you choose to use cellulose, it contains shredded newspapers, tax forms, and phone books, mixed with boric acid for fire resistance.

It is injected into the walls using specialized equipment.

However, the job requires some professional input to determine the required density of the material.

This way, you get the expected R-value from your insulation.

The blown-in insulation is not only easy to install but also goes well with any wall, roof, and crawl space.

Air sealing

In an average home, there about a half-mile total of gaps, cracks, and holes.

As a result, the heated air in the indoor space escapes to the outside.

Consequently, you end up paying a lot of money on heating and cooling.

With an air sealing service from Atticity Insulation, you can expect the bills to drop.

Whether you choose to seal off your home by caulking or weather-stripping, you create a thermal envelope around your home.

Hence, the heated air stays in your home for longer, and the air conditioning units work for fewer hours and have fewer emissions.

Wall insulation

get a Spray foam insulation
Construction worker thermally insulating house attic with mineral wool

When it comes to making your home more energy-efficient, then wall insulation is a significant part of the process.

Whether you are doing an exterior, interior, or cavity insulation, you need to do it right.

By using the correct material for the insulation, you stand to reduce your electricity bills by up to 60%.

If your walls are hollow, you can install some rolled batts in between the walls or blow-ins some cellulose or fiberglass.

Whichever form of insulation you settle on, make sure it meets the recommended R-value in your area.

Take time to research the insulation best suited for your home, and you will enjoy the lifetime benefits of your investment.

Rodent control

Roof rats are notorious for their spread of plagues and diseases.

Once they come into contact with food in your kitchen or pantry, they contaminate it.

You might never see one since they are mostly nocturnal, but you need to keep an eye on the signs of an infestation.

For instance, if you notice droppings around your home, chewed out fruits or food in the pantry, grease trails on the wall, or hear scratching noises in the walls or ceiling, then you know it is time you called in for some professional rodent control.

In Los Altos Hills, Atticity Insulation is the best in the industry.

We use methods that are harmless to humans yet effective.

We ensure we leave your home sealed off of any entrances the rats may use to access your attic.

Then, we encourage sanitation and a method to cut off any food source for the rats to drive them away from your home.


Have you ever been asked how clean your attic is?

If not, ask yourself the same question.

What you should know is that the attic plays a significant role when it comes to the health of your loved one.

On the attic, it can be a home of different kind of pest which can be harmful or cause diseases.

When you have not insulated your attics, there are chances of pest invading the place or water dripping in your living room.

When your attic is not cleaned and well-insulated there will be high loss of heat and make your house to be less energy efficient.

Do you know what this means?

It means that you will have to pay more on your energy bill.

When the rodents and pest evade the attic and cause harm to the ducts, you will have to pay more when you hire the cleaning company.

Take the step today before it is too late and have your attic cleaned and rodent and pest controlled.

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