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Residential Insulation in Danville

When you think of cutting down on the cost of heating expenses in your home, you must think of a better solution.

That is when wall insulation becomes essential.

You do not want to keep your fireplace on the whole day and night to keep your house warm.

However, with some sound insulation, whether interior, exterior, or cavity, you get to save a lot of money.

We not only put up insulations but also remove them.

Whether you need a brick cladding, a wooden finishing or roughcast insulation in your home, we have got you covered.

Professional spray foam insulation company in Danville, CA.

We had a client who felt he was losing so much money paying for the AC system at his home.

At first, he could not understand the problem, and we had to assure him that once we saw his system, we would be able to help.

He took us to his house, and after a few minutes of inspection, we found the problem, poor insulation of the ducts.

With leaking insulation, all the heat from the furnace on the AC decreases in transmission.

As a result, the heater had to work extra hard to try and achieve the set temperatures.

All we had to do was replace the insulation materials for new ones, and the house was back to full efficiency operation.

At Atticity Insulation, we offer quality and reliable insulation services.

These include:

I need Spray foam insulation
A room at a newly constructed home is sprayed with liquid insulating foam
  • Professional spray foam insulation company
  • Attic insulation
  • Wall insulation
  • Air sealing
  • Crawl space insulation

Professional spray foam insulation company

Spray foam, being the most significant innovation in the insulation industry since the introduction of fiberglass allows you to have an energy-efficient home.

Not only does it create a comfortable home for houses with low R-values, but it also helps you cut down on heating and cooling costs.

However, for you to enjoy all these benefits of spray foam insulation, you will need to hire the services of a professional spray foam insulation company.

If that is what you are looking for, then Atticity Insulation is the place to be.

Other than receiving awards and media coverage for many of our high profile construction jobs, we also have the best skills on deck.

Call us today and give your home an insulation upgrade.

Attic insulation

Do you want to achieve the best results when you insulate your attic?

Well, the first step for you is to avoid using your attic for storage.

When you insulate your attic, the cheapest, fastest, and most effective way is to add materials to the floor.


However, with plywood lying on the floor, it becomes hard to stuff in enough material to create an air-tight seal.

Also, you need to choose the right material for use in your attic.

Whether you go for loose-fill or batts, you need to identify how much protection they offer.

Call us today and receive free consultation services. After that, you can decide what material works best for your attic, and go ahead and buy some.

Wall insulation

If you live in a house with uninsulated walls, then you can be sure that up to a third of your heat escapes through the walls.

That in mind, you need to find a viable solution to your heat loss and gain problems fast.

This is because uninsulated walls lead to increased utility bills around the house.

Why pay so much money while you can invest in wall insulation and enjoy lifetime benefits?

By insulating the cavities and crevices in your walls, you cut the heating bills, and create a more comfortable living space.

Once you figure out the type of wall you have, then you can decide what kind of insulation to use and where to place it.

We use the best Spray foam insulation material
thermal insulation spray background polyurethane foam for thermal insulation of walls

Air sealing

The use of air barriers is common when it comes to air sealing techniques.

These barriers block random air movement through the crevices in your building.

Consequently, there is less air leakage from your home, thus more energy efficiency.

However, it is unwise to depend on the air barriers to block moisture.

Although they work well to block air, but not necessarily vapors.

When you reach out to Atticity Insulation, we go out of our way to ensure you get the best.

That is why we take the time to find out about your location and the climate.

As a result, we select the materials correctly and offer placement for air and vapor barriers in line with your weather.

Crawl space insulation

If you live in a place where your feet do not freeze up in the winter, then lucky are you.

However, if you are among the people who freeze up despite the furnace being on full blast, then you need to check on your crawl space insulation.

With the right padding in place, you can achieve more than temperature control.

You could end up with mold prevention and moisture control system in place.

With as little as six-inch-thick fiberglass, you can have your home warm and cozy for the winter.

Contact Atticity Insulation today and have yourself an affordable and durable crawl space insulation.

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