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Ductwork insulation
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When you hear about insulation, what comes to your mind?

Well, insulation services are one of the services that every homeowner should consider from time to time.

The work of an insulation contractor is not limited to installing the insulator but also detecting and sealing the thermal leaks.

Detecting a leak is not an easy thing in that there are small leaks which are hard to detect.

A contractor will use more than one technique to investigate a leak and locate it.

With the current technology, the contractors are using a special camera among other methods to find the possible hole.

The camera converts the heat energy into light and captures it as a picture.

Since the contractors understand how the camera works, they can interpret the results.

The leak once located it’s fixed using the sealants or using the HVAC tape.


We clean our homes every day to ensure cleanliness and avoid infections which are caused by dirt and dust.

When many people are doing the cleaning, people focus on the visible parts and leaving the invisible.

The cleaning can sometimes be a tiresome job, especially for the working family.

For those who have a vocational home also they will need the cleaning services as they are not able to handle thorough cleaning.

Don’t wait until it’s too late to hire a cleaning service but instead use the services frequently.

When you are in a clean home, you will enjoy the fresh air and be sure that there will be no infection.

The cleaning company in Dalycity focuses on areas which are neglected by the most homeowner.

One of the places is attic. If you ask many homeowners, they will tell you that they can’t remember the last time they cleaned the attic.

Hire the cleaning services to clean and insulate the attic and create an extra room in your home.

The perfect spray foam insulation services in Daly-City, CA.

Imagine losing hundreds of dollars in electricity bills trying to heat your home.

You keep adding on to the temperature on your thermostat but still cannot manage to raise the heat.

Well, this was the experience of one of our clients who had to dial up the thermostat, alongside the fire.

With time, it became too much that he decided to seek some professional help.

That is when he came to Atticity for consultation.

We recommended a new insulation system for his home.

This way, he not only got to save cash on electricity bills but also avoided conditions caused by living in damp places.

Among the insulation methods we use include loose-fill, blown-in or injected insulation, spray foam, and many more. Our services include:

I need Spray foam insulation
A room at a newly constructed home is sprayed with liquid insulating foam
  • The perfect spray foam insulation
  • Attic insulation
  • Wall insulation
  • Air sealing
  • Crawl space insulation

The ideal spray foam insulation

If you are considering installing a spray foam insulation in your home, you need to look beyond the R-value.

That is the only way you can understand the effectiveness of proper insulation.

The perfect spray foam insulation will go over and beyond the R-value in ensuring that your home is safe against all paths of heating and cooling losses.

Whether through conduction, convection, radiation, or air infiltration, the right spray foam insulation will do the job.

Also, the correctly installed spray foam insulation will protect against moisture accumulation and air intrusion.

If you need to have an insulation system that works for you, then contact Atticity Insulation today.

Our solutions go beyond your imagination, and last longer.

Attic insulation

The prices of natural gas and heating oil keep increasing, one winter to the next.

With an unfinished attic, you stand on the end where you have to buy much of the heating oil and keep your thermostat on the higher end to have a warm indoor temperature.

What if all you need is one weekend off, and a few materials to cover up your attic.

If you need to determine the amount of protection you need for your attic, all you need is to hire one of our professionals.

Identify air leaks in your attic, determine the type of material you will use, get the appropriate clothing, and get down to work.

With proper attic insulation, you can forget about the shooting of electricity bills in the winter.

Wall insulation

To determine the most suitable wall insulation for your home, you need to work out the type of wall you have.

Today, we help you identify the type of wall you have, solely based on the brick pattern on the outside of your house.

For instance, if your brickwork has an even pattern with all the bricks laid on their lengthways, then that is a cavity wall.

However, if you notice the brick pattern changing, alternating between the length and width of the brick, then you can expect a solid wall.

Conversely, you can check on the thickness of the wall, through a window, if the bricks were covered in construction.

does Spray foam insulation affective?
A room at a newly constructed home is sprayed with liquid insulating foam before the drywall is added. Ideal for new home construction advertising and other home construction promotional inferences.

Air sealing

Air sealing goes a long way in cutting the heating and cooling expenses around the house.

But before you get up and in business, you need to identify the air leaking spots in your home.

If you are not sure where to check, do not worry.

We have registered experts who will help you carry out a full house inspection.

After that, we then go ahead and apply the best air sealing techniques we have seen work among many homes.

We help you minimize the air movement I and out of your home.

Consequently, you build an energy-efficient home and control the amount of moisture in your indoor space.

We ensure we use the best technique and material listed as the best for your area for optimum results.

Crawl space insulation

There is a right way to install crawl space insulation, and there is the wrong way.

If you do not understand the difference, then we will help you get there.

To establish a crawl space insulation correctly, you need to install the insulation so that they make contact with the underside of the subfloor.

When you do so, make sure to avoid tension rods, as they compress the material, lessening the R-value.

Also, ensure that you leave some room for ventilation down there.

Finally, when you lay the insulation material, seal the subfloor and insulate any ducts to prevent heat loss or freezing.

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