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Berkeley Insulation contractor

If you have not yet insulated your home, you are missing a lot.

You need to visit insulates the house and feel how the owner feels.

Am sure with that experience you will go looking for a contractor to help you with the insulation installation.

Insulation comes in different material.

There is the fiberglass, the cellulose, natural fiber, form, and many others.

The method of insulation depends majorly on where the insulation is installed.

For the walls and the floor, there is the rolled batt and the blown-in.

The rolled batt is more like a blanket that is spread on the floor or the walls.

For the Blown-in, there is a machine that is used to spray the foam on the wall or even on the attic ceiling.

For blown-in and the rolled batt, they all come with different R values but ranges from R31 to R39.

How effective is spray foam insulation?

Most of the energy used in the house is to make life more comfortable.

That is why we install ACs and heaters around the home, especially in the winter.

So, what do you do when the temperatures in your home keep dropping despite your efforts to maintain them high?

Well, that is when it is time to think of insulating your home.

With proper insulation, you not only achieve better living conditions but go a long way in saving a lot of money.

However, to make the best insulation for your home, you will need professional advice and input.

Whether you want a spray foam, blown-in, wall, or even attic insulation, we have got you covered.

Our attic insulation services in Campbell include:

does Spray foam insulation affective?
A room at a newly constructed home is sprayed with liquid insulating foam before the drywall is added. Ideal for new home construction advertising and other home construction promotional inferences.
  • Is spray foam insulation effective?
  • Attic Insulation
  • Wall insulation
  • Blown-in insulation
  • Roof rodent control

Is spray foam insulation effective?

Other than saving you on space, reducing energy bills, and its excellent air sealing properties, spray foam insulation also helps you block both radiative and convective heat loss.

When installing spray foam, the insulation fits in all gaps and voids.

Therefore, it creates an airtight barrier.

Without air in the wall spaces and attic, then the rate of heat loss decreases.

This is because, without the gaps, there is no air movement, hence no heat loss.

Also, spray foam insulation has one of the highest R-values, making it one of the most effective insulation materials in the market.

Attic Insulation in Campbell, CA.

Before choosing the type of insulation to use on your attic, be keen to research the R-value.

The R-value is the thermal resistance to heat loss of material.

These values change depending on the area where you live.

Before getting attic insulation, confirm the acceptable range, then go ahead and get one for your home.

Remember, when choosing an insulation material for your attic, the higher the R-value, then the more effective the insulation.

If you live in a cold area, then you can go for a material rated R-60.

However, the attic’s recommended R-value ranges between R30 and R49.

Wall insulation

Anytime you go out to get yourself some wall insulation, check the performance guarantees and instructions for safe handling.

When getting the material fit for your home, the R-value measurement is critical.

This is because it is the one that determines the effectiveness of the wall insulation.

If you are going to install the insulation in the wall cavity, choose the one that fits into the hole.

Otherwise, larger insulation will be squashed, reducing its effectiveness.

Also, a thin one will need several layers, increasing the cost of installing one.

Besides getting the right width for your stud spacing, get the wall insulation that is not only suitable for your wall but is also compliant to the national standards in your area.

does Spray foam insulation affective?
thermal and hydro insulation with spray foam at a house construction site,

Blown-in insulation

There are many types of insulation in the market already.

Ranging from batt insulation to spray foam, they all work to ensure you have a more comfortable living space and save some cash.

However, why should you overlook all the rest and go for blown-in insulation?

For starters, it is easier to install and more effective.

However, before getting down to hiring tools to blow in your insulation, how much thickness do you need for your home?

That is where we come in.

Being professionals at insulation, we know the right thickness for homes to ensure maximum efficiency, while saving on the cost of installation.

Also, we help you determine the best material to use, depending on your location and its climate.

Roof rodent control

Roof rats are notorious for their spread of diseases.

Their droppings, when in contact with pantry food, lead to conditions such as salmonellosis.

Not only do they transfer plagues, but also infected fleas.

These rats are common in the warm space of your attic, with the insulation as their beddings.

They will chew through the insulation, causing damages, and sometimes even chew on electrical wires.

If you notice their droppings, chewed insulation, or even a strange smell in the attic, it is time you called us in for rodent control.

With eco-friendly, reliable, and fast action rodent control agents, we assure you that you will stay a long time without seeing one.

We are not only determined to keep your attic space safe but also protect you from the diseases and plagues carried by the roof rats.


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