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Brief on commercial and home insulation techniques.

Imagine if you had to go out of your home in the middle of winter with a tank top. Nothing else to help conserve the heat from your body. Well, that is the same case for uninsulated ductwork in your home. No matter how much the AC strives to achieve a higher temperature in your indoor space, you can never feel the difference because of all the heat lost in transmission. So, how do you deal with duct pipes that need better or new thermal insulation?

I had my AC leaking. Every time I tried resetting the thermostat, it could make no difference. It got to a point where I got frustrated. I decided to call in an expert in air conditioning to help with the repair and installation of better ductwork. The service was prompt and swift, restoring the efficiency of my HVAC unit, and saving me a lot of money I had been paying in bills.

What about general home insulation

The need to cushion your ductwork might seem like it is not of importance. Taking a closer look at it, insulating the ductwork goes a long way in saving resources. First things first, let us;

  • Define ductwork.
  • what is the importance of having functional insulation in your ductwork?
  • Why is ductwork cushioning necessary?
  • How best to insulate your home?
  • What is ductwork insulation

How to insulate your ductwork.

Ductwork refers to the system of ducts that circulate air in the house. This air can be either heated during a cold day and cooled during the hot or warm days. Insulating duct work ensures that no air in the system of pipes or ducts is leaking.

Additionally, it works to conserve the heat carried by the warm air flowing into your home. Standard ductwork has to conform to a certain standard to ensure proper insulating. The criteria used to gauge the level of insulating are in terms of R values. It is advisable that for proper ductwork insulation the R values should at least be 5.

Why insulating ductwork is necessary?

This is not only vital but also an essential thing to do. Let’s break it down further. Insulation prevents loss of air through the joints and small holes. Without proper insulating, not all the air supplied by the HVAC reaches the intended place. Hence, it pushes the HVAC to work even harder to provide the required air temperatures.

Consequently, this leads to more energy consumption for an avoidable cost. In addition, failure to properly insulate the ductwork may cause other problems. Hot air passing through a cold area will condense. This condensation leads to accumulation of moisture.

The accumulation of moisture leads to cases of mold build-up. Most noteworthy, you need to seal ducts before even insulating. Seal all leaks before adding an insulating layer. You can achieve this by the use of specialized sealing material. After sealing all the holes and the sealing material has adequately dried, now you can add the insulation.

Way to insulate ductwork.

Fiberglass insulation

This method involves the use of fiberglass in insulating the ductwork. It is long-lasting for 10-15 years and is relatively cheap to install. It is not only easy to install but also easy to remove when you need to change the fiberglass. However, the installation of fiberglass leads to the need to check for any moisture absorption by the fiberglass regularly. Moisture build-up causes mold growth, which may cause health problems. It is therefore essential to watch out for moisture build-up in this type of insulating

Duct wrap

Better known as reflectix, this type of insulation is better used for insulating rectangular and round heating ventilation and ductworks. Duct wrap method is very useful and considered very stable. The material that makes the duct wrap is lightweight. Therefore, you do not have to worry about heavy insulation. Compared to fiberglass, you do not need to worry about moisture build-up. It is designed to hold bubble packs in between two polythene papers.

With these as the best ways to keep your home warm, it is advisable to conduct little research on the best method that will work in your home. Also, it is important to consider the professional who will install, repair and maintain the overall ductwork.

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