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Duct Repair and Installation in three steps

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Duct Repair and Installation
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Duct services. Installation, repair and maintenance.

Have you ever considered insulating your home?

Home insulation comes with many benefits which include, but not limited to, reducing energy bills and making your stay comfortable.

Insulation is not limited to home, but it is also useful in offices.

When you have insulated your home, it simply means that there will be less energy loss and thus the HVAC will use less energy to heat or cool the room.

If you have not yet considered the roof, wall, floor or attic insulation, you are missing a lot.

Nonetheless, it is important to hire a certified attic cleaner.

How to know that your duct needs repair

It is always good to monitor your duct. Ducts act like the circulation system in your home.

Thus, if it is not functioning the right way, it will have a huge impact on your comfort.

Even more, it will translate to high energy bills, decreased the lifespan of the duct and even overheating.

There are some signs that will tell when your air duct requires repair. They include;

  • Tangled ducts

    Rolled Batts
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  • Too hot or cold spots
  • Weak airflow
  • Irritating noises in the ducts
  • Wrong installation/repair

Tangled ducts

Performing a visual inspection on your duct will enable you to detect any large holes and areas that might be leaking out air.

Check for areas that have loose connections.

Materials making up the duct might sometime rip and need replacement, especially since ducts are flexible.

Ducts are susceptible to damage when something of great weight falls on them and also can malfunction over an extensive period of use.

Where your ducts are tangles, kinked or damaged, call a professional for repair before much damage occurs.

Weak airflow

A problem at the supply or receive side of the duct can cause an air flow problem.

You can detect this issue when at times you experience too much air in the house and other times too much cold air.

When you replace a section of the duct with a new one and leave the other part unreplaced, these two sections may not work effectively.

It is therefore important to ensure that first time installation is done right.

If you are replacing a section of a duct after a long time of using the duct, replacing the entire duct is ideal.

This is because it is only a matter of a short period that you will need to replace the other end.

Too hot or too cold spots

If you notice that some parts of your home are too hot air supply while others have cold air, there is a problem with airflow or a sign of a worse problem.

The air duct might be obstructed or have air leaking some areas.

A professional should inspect the air duct and resolve the issue.

Irritating noses

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Typically, a duct should function in a silent manner.

When it starts producing unusual noises, it means there is some sort of damage.

The noise will continue to be louder and more irritating if the problem is not addressed.

Rattling noise means there are some loose connections that need tightening.

A whistling noise indicates that there is some air leaking and therefore need immediate filling.

Improper installation

An improperly installed duct will require replacement eventually.

There is no way it is going to function as desired.

It is always good to ensure that you hire an experienced and skillful professional to do the installation for you.

This will prevent repair and replacement need in the long run.

A professional should ensure that the duct is sized properly to correspond with the size of the house.

This will help to prevent your air duct from being overworked.

Overworking your air conditioner leads to reduced efficiency, the short lifespan of the duct and also results in higher energy bills.

Sometimes repairing the air duct is more costly than replacing it.

When you have to call a professional every week to check on your malfunctioning duct, it is best to replace the entire air duct.

Ensure you rely on a licensed and trusted professional to handle the task for you.

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