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Attic insulation removal
duct work instulation

Old insulation removal

When it comes to keeping up with efficient ways to run a home, you need to be at the forefront. You never wait for your electricity bills to shoot up to notice that your insulation needs replacement or removal. However, you might face a big challenge when it comes to insulation removal. Where do you start? Do you have the tools to remove the insulation from your home without injuries safely? Since some insulation are dangerous, do you have the experience to remove it? If none of your answers match these questions, why bother risking your health while you can hire professional services?

Procedure for insulation removal in your home

If you have to deal with insulation removal, then you will be among the many who need some information about this process. As I was replacing the insulation in my ductwork for my AC, I had a lot of trouble finding the right way to do it. Finally, I settled on hiring an expert for the job. The first thing I noticed is that insulation removal is not one man’s job!! You will need help, either to carry away the insulation or to hand you tools in case you forgot, rather than going back and;

Attic removal
Worker thermally insulating a house attic using mineral wool
  • How do you remove fiberglass insulation?
  • What is the best way to handle cellulose insulation?
  • What are the necessary procedures when removing any old insulation?
  • How much can you expect to incur when removing insulation in your home?

Is it that time to remove old insulation in the attic and you have no idea about how to go about it? You can rest easy because, with the services of a professional, you can get the solution. When it comes to the removal of old insulation, maybe from fiberglass or any other type of insulation, professional services have the experience of many years.

How to remove old fiberglass insulation

First things first, Safety. Fiberglass insulation comprised of fine glass which, when poorly handled causes the fine glass to be embedded in the skin, eyes, hair, and clothes. When it gets into contact with the skin, you feel very itchy. To avoid this, you need to wear long-sleeve clothing, a paper mask, and most importantly, safety glasses. The second thing is to get assistance to do this removal due to its nature of being dirty and itchy. After you have all these requirements, you are ready to begin work. In addition to all the safety equipment, garbage bags also play a significant role in this process. This is where you keep all old insulation awaiting disposal.

Necessary procedures that work when dealing with insulation removal

While removing old insulation, work in pairs or more. One of you removes the old insulation while the other person collects them together and place them into the garbage bags. Also, work systematically. The most effective way to do this is to pick the furthest corner of the attic and start from there. Then you can work your way to the entrance of the attic. Your work will be removing the fiberglass and passing it to your helper for proper disposal.

Residential attic insulation
Thermal insulation of a house roof

How to remove cellulose insulation

Before you get into the process of removing old cellulose insulation, make sure you cover all your valuables. While removing the old cellulose insulation, a lot of dust will be produced dirtying your seats, wall unit, etc. Therefore, you will need a gas mask. Secondly, gas masks are crucial to protect from the dust produced while removing the cellulose insulation. However, one or two gas masks will not do. There is a need to have a lot of gas masks. The dust builds up fast. In addition to this, there is a need for a powerful vacuum cleaner to do this job. Doing the job by hand will only complicate and make the work harder for you. Like we did while removing the fiberglass insulation, removing cellulose insulation is also done systematically. Choose the furthest corner of the attic and work towards the point of entry, carefully removing all old cellulose insulation.

What is the expect the cost of this process?

While it might not seem like much, the costs add up to quite some amount. To do this yourself, you require the right gear and equipment. You will need gas masks and paper to cover your belonging from dust falling. Also, you need powerful vacuum cleaners, gloves not forgetting garbage bags. Finally, you need to factor in the cost of waste disposal services. As a result, the prices of removing old insulation becomes a bit expensive to do.

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