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Christine and Josh were looking toward buying a new home to start a family.

However, they had little information regarding what they should check when buying a home.

After they moved to their home happily, the sad news reached them.

When they check the ceiling in their kitchen, they found water stain which extended along with the ceiling.

The following day Josh tried to contact the home seller but could not get any help.

He decided to call us to get information on how the leak could be resolved.

We inspected the roof and found that the roof had another minor leak.

We fixed all the leaks, and the project was a success.

Should I use Spary foam insulation
A room at a newly constructed home is sprayed with liquid insulating foam
  • Check for attic aftermath
  • Include insulation
  • Clean leaves and dirt
  • Safeguard your roof against streaking
  • Check shingle damage signs
  • Trim trees that have branches on the roof.

Crawl space insulation

Building a house on a crawl space foundation puts your basement at risk of being colder during winters than those built on concrete slabs.

This cold and hind environments create a good climate for mold to grow and should, therefore, be addressed fast.

To prevent all these from happening crawl space, insulation is all you need to do.

Here is the way to go about it.

Cover the ground

First, get rid of dirt in the crawl space and remove all the items that you store down there.

Fill any holes that you see in the walls and perform any necessary correction, not forgetting to drain any water standing in the crawl space.

Next, cover the entire area with a plastic sheet and ensure it covers even the foundation walls.

Insulate the crawl space

If you want DIY insulation, then you can go for the fibreglass insulation batts and rolls.

Besides, it is the best when it comes to insulating between floor joists of a crawl space.

After the application of the insulation material, ensure you cover it with a paper vapour barrier.

The vapour barrier should face the heated living space and make sure it fits tightly between the joists.

Enclose the foundation

If your foundation is not enclosed, you will need to fill the space between the external piers with lattice panels or bricks.

To install the bricks, concrete footing is poured between each pier around the outside of the house.

Then, lay the bricks on the footing.

Rodent control

Spray foam insulation in the basement
The texture of solidified foam for thermal insulation of walls insulation for the home

Every homestead is bound to face challenges with rodents at one time.

It is the responsibility of the homeowner to know how to control these annoying creatures.

It is advisable to control the rodents as soon as you notice them since they breed very fast.

If you wait longer, they will be hard to get rid of them.

There are efficient methods to eliminate rodents. They include


Rodents will invade your place mostly in search of food and shelter.

Therefore, the first thing to do is to ensure that you put all your food in plastic or glass containers and tightly close with lids.

Ensure to clean up your kitchen after meals.

This means cleaning the utensils, cupboards and floors since the small spills of foods make enough meal for the rodents.

As you deprive them food, ensure they do not get water supply too.

Thus, keep your place dry.

Rats like to stay in crowded areas.

Places with unarranged clothes, boxes and other dark places.

Ensure your basement is well organized so that these creatures will not get a habitat in it.

Rodent proofing

Sanitation is not enough if your place has areas where the rats can get into your house.

Rodent proofing involves sealing any spaces and holes that rodents can fit and get access to your home.

To cover the holes, you can use aluminium netting, steel wool, heavy wire mesh with little holes or use a copper gauze.

Also, you can use rodent repellants like peppermint to keep rodents away from your yard.

We do Spray Foam Insulation Right
Construction worker thermally insulating house attic with mineral wool

Using rodent traps and baits

Using traps and baits can be a slow method to control rodents.

This method can work when there are few rodents in your place.

Place poisoned baits at the trap and then place the trap in areas the rats like to go.

Insulation removal services in Santa Cruz

Many homeowners are afraid to install or remove the existing roof insulation.

They are worried that when they remove the insulation, it will alter the appearance of the roof.

In many sense, this is not true when you hire an experienced roofing contractor.

A qualified contractor will fix the roof without altering the physical appearance of your roof.

All this can be different when you hire quacks to insulate your roof.

When you are insulating, your roof considers hiring professionals and use the right material.

Roof insulation can be done for both residential and commercial building when there is a need for minimizing heat loss.

Although the cost of roof insulation can be expensive, it will help to save money on the energy bill.

When a roof is not insulated, a lot of heat is lost through the roof since hot air rises.


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