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Home attic cleanup
The view on roof and air duct cleaning.

Residential Attic Cleanup Cost and Routine

I noticed some little sand piling up on my near the window.

I did not pay close attention to it.

I swept the sand and two days later, the pile was even more significant. This now got my attention.

I tried checking at the ceiling for any cracks, but there was none.

That is when I decided to call a professional before the matter got out of hand.

When he came, and I explained what was going on, he did not hesitate but went right was to the attic.

For sure, the attic was the problem.

He told that many homes faced the same challenge and the reason behind it was not cleaning the attic.

The following day, he came along with his colleague and for sure, the attic was the problem.

He explained that many homes faced the same challenge and the reason behind it was not cleaning the attic, which then

Home attic cleanup
Attic interior in an empty house with storage shelves

acts as a harbor for small crawling animals.

These animals eat up the concrete and make small holes, which resulted in the sand piles on the floor.

The following day, he came along with his colleague and cleaned the attic.

The attic clean-up solved the problem.

The attic accumulates dirt which results in bad smell, harbor pests and increases the air conditioning bills.

Thus, attic clean-up is essential if you own a building for some few years.

Why and when to clean up your attic

The condition of the attic has a lot of taking in the health of you and your loved ones.

If the attic is not cleaned or insulated, it lets in dust and other disease-causing micro-organisms that can be a risk of your health.

Also, cracks and gaps caused by an attic that is not insulated moisture than soon lead to mold growth, which is also not friendly to your health and causes allergies.

Also, a dirty attic causes the energy bills to spike when the attic clogs with dust and other debris, the cooling, and heating system strain to perform their role, which results in high energy bills.

Attic insulation

Attic insulation is significant.

It not only keeps away rodents, but it also helps to keep the energy bills down.

Insulation should be conducted on both the walls and the floor.

Also, a non-insulated attic allows rodents and small animals inside the system.

These small crawling animals damage the attic, which will call for expensive attic repair services.

Even worse, the pests will leave urine, feces and hair in the system which brings in a foul smell into the house.

Types of attic insulation

There are various ways of insulating your attic. Here are some of them

  • Fiberglass batts
  • cellulose
  • loose-paper fiberglass insulation
  • Attic insulation cleanup cost
  • Fiberglass batts

Installation of fiberglass batts is the simplest way of insulating any part of your home.

It is the most common method since it is easy to put it and roll it out.


Cellulose is a product of recycled papers mixed with boric acid for insect control.

Boric acid also makes it fire resistant.

You can choose to insulate by yourself or call a professional for the best outcome.

Cellulose also keeps out air, which helps to prevent frost from forming in the attic.

Loose-fill fiberglass

This is prominent in new constructions.

They require a machine to blow it in.

Also, you can use a bag and spread it by yourself.

All these are problems that you can avoid by calling a professional to offer you quality attic clean-up services.

You should call for an attic clean-up once in two years.

However, this is not a fixed period.

When you notice anything amiss with the attic, maybe a lot of dirt in the house, it is always good to have it checked out and cleaned by a professional.

Besides cleaning, regular inspection by a professional is crucial.

This inspection helps to detect any cracks that might be letting in moisture, dirt, and dust accumulated and rodents and inadequate insulation.

Attic clean-up cost

Attic clean-up is not expensive.

A few expenses come along with this process.

They include;

Cost of rodent eradication and proofing

Rodents such as mice and rats can take over your home if not eradicated soon.

During attic clean-up, the professional will eliminate all rodent and seal all their entry points.

Junk removal cost

This is the main reason we call professionals for attic clean-up.

Cleaning all the dirt in the attic.

The price depends on how much dirt there is and how accessible the attic is.

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