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Attic Air Sealing in three steps

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Attic Insulation
Man installing thermal insulation layer under the roof - using mineral wool panels

Keep your home warm through Attic Air Sealing.

My house had become a playground for rodents and small crawling insects.

I tried to control these pests but efforts were fruitless.

They kept on coming and coming.

A friend happened to visit my place and as we were chatting, I mentioned this problem to her.

She said that she also had suffered the same problem and after insulating the attic, the problem slowly faded away.

I decided to try the same.

I called a professional who insulated the attic for me and applied pesticide so kill all the pests that were already in the attic.

Attic air sealing made the problem disappear and it happened to affect my energy bills.

I noticed a sudden decrease in the bills.

Ways of air sealing your attic

According to researches done, attics are the most accessible areas to seal around your home.

Insulating your attic makes not only saves energy but also helps to reduce the heating and cooling costs.

There are different ways of sealing your attic. Here are some of them;

  • Seal air leaks
  • Blanket insulation
  • Loose-fill insulation
  • Radiant barriers

Seal air leaks

Sealing any holes or cracks is essential even before making any other insulating step.

Sealing all areas through which air might be escaping also helps to keep away moisture which causes mold growth.

To conclude the process, ensure that you install flashing around the heat sources.

When sealing, pay close attention to the attic windows, around the pipes, exhaust fans, ducts and chimneys.

Blanket insulation

It is also known as batt insulation.

Mostly, it is made of fiberglass but is now present in plastic and wood.

Batts are made to fit the small spaces in the walls and eve on the floor joists.

Batts act as vapor, air and fire barrier.

To install it, you only need to fix it between the wall studs or in the joists.

It is the simplest method of insulation and the least expensive.

Batt insulation works best for attics with standard joist spacing and those with no insulation.

It also requires enough headroom for maneuvering during its installation.

Loose-fill insulation

Loose-fill, also known as blown-in insulation comes in the form of cellulose, fiberglass and wood particles.

A special machine is used to blow it up or you can use a bag to pour it in the spaces.

This method is suitable for attics with irregular joists spacing and those with lots of obstructions.

Also, you can use this method where an already existing insulation needs to be topped.

When using loose fill made of cellulose, be cautious not to expose it to moisture since it allows the growth of mold and it can also rot.

Radiant barriers

Radiant barriers are most favorable for residences in warm climates.

This barrier function to prevent absorption of heat from walls and roofs by cooling materials in the attic.

These material have a high reflective characteristic that helps to repel radiant heat.

This is the most effective means of insulation over all the others.

Few things to observe before sealing your attic

Evaluate the current condition

Evaluating the current state of the attic is every significant before performing any form of air sealing.

For this, the help of a professional is essential.

The attic could be damp or moldy which may result in a roof or wall leak.

Such kind of conditions should be addressed before insulation.

Also, measuring the rafters and checking for any split rafters is essential.

In case of any sagging or split rafters, strengthening is ideal before insulation.

Seal the spaces properly.

As earlier mentioned, sealing any cracks or holes should be the first step before insulating.

This should make the attic airtight which consequently help to maintain the desired temperature.

You can fill these holes with foam or caulk.

Choose the right type of insulation

Different insulation methods are ideal for different situations.

To choose the right one, there are three factors to consider, the R-value, available space and cost of insulation.

R-value is the relative rating for the insulating material for thermal resistance.

It is measured per inch of the material.

Different insulation methods cover a different amount of spaces.

Thus, depending on the amount of space in your attic, you will be able to choose the ideal method.

Also, it is vital to protect yourself when insulating your attic.

Ensure you wear a dust mask, goggles, gloves and long pants.

Be cautious not to standard on the joists to prevent yourself from losing balance which could you severe injuries if you happen to fall.

Finally, use a source of light to illuminate dark corners for your safety.

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